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Growth Hormone

I have an order of Androsol coming in the mail. I have tried Tribex 500 with great results. I also have access to true rHGH in both 5mg and 10mg strength. I am an endurance Master’s age athlete competing in intense competition lasting 20-150 minutes depending on the event.

The shorter the event the more anerobic the race. How would you use these agents for competition? I am about to finish this years racing season (March-October) and will shortly begin training for next year when I turn 45. As part of my preparation I do weights progressing from prep-hypertrophy-
heavy-power phases beginning in October and ending in early January concentrating on squats, leg presses and hamstring curls.

How would you manipulate the above ‘cocktail’ to maximize my weight lifting for power and speed in my legs for next season’s racing?