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Growth Hormone

I just came across some Serostim for a REALLY good price. I’d like to add 4 IUs a day for my next bulking cycle.

I get WAY too many personal opinions and some research is contradicting on how to use it. Subcantaneous or intramuscular injections? Do I need to cycle it? For how long? Is 4 IUs too much or too little? The only concrete info I have is: Take my shot upon awakening in the morning, refridgerate any unused portions, and that 1g equals 3 IUs.

If anyone has used GH before, I’d appreciate any feedback or concrete knowledge on the stuff. Thanks in advance.

sub-Q. rotate your sites. 4IU sounds good to me. I did less before and was dissatisfied. I am going to use 4iu/day myself starting soon.

Do I need to cycle it? How long can I stay on GH? I once read somewhere (for the life of me I can’t remember) that you should cycle your GH 9 days on, 5 days off, 9 days on, 5 days off…etc.


every day for 3 months. going longer could possibly lead to unwanted side effects.

As for cycling a lot of guys do 5 on 2 off or variations. They are fine to do but are mostly done to reduce cost. Many people say you should run GH at 2-8IU/day 5on2off for at least 6 months. I did serostim at 5 on 2 off with 4-6IU per day and liked the results in terms of leanness. This was about 2 years ago. I’m going to do Gh again but I’ll be trying Nutropin Depot or Jinotropin.
I am interested in it’s possible healing properties this time around