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Growth Hormone


Quick question. a buddy of mine got some growth and reconstituted it. After mixing the water and the growth, he accidently dropped the container on the ground. He's never used it before and was wondering if it was still good? it wasnt opalescent or anything like that, it was clear. one of the vials was reconstituted the other 3 bottles werent. whatcha guys think????




bacteriostatic water right, or at least clean tap water? :stuck_out_tongue:

did the vial break? It should be fine. I know peptides are known to be 'fragile' but it depends how badly he dropped it.

did it bounce, did he kick it, did the dog pick it up and bury out back only for him to find it later? lol jk man

It should be fine imo. I had a few incidents with GH and everything was always fine. That peptide is tougher than people let on imo.



fantastic, thats all I wanted to know. thanks for your time boys. happy holidays.


Question? I know this post is old, im new to T-Nation , ive always been a fan of Biotest.

Has anyone here heard of the Jintropin HGH? ive been looking into different forms/brands and have stumbled onto this. I can get it from a legit source. a friend of mine orders from Poland and says its there... just wondering if anyone has had great results?


As for real Jintropin, it was perfectly fine stuff.

If China really is, as a legit business, selling it in Poland and you can access it from that route, you've found yourself a good thing.

Generally speaking I understand real Jintropin to not be available to the US black market anymore. But it does remain as a real pharmaceutical in China and if Poland too, most excellent.