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Hey guys, I just started a cycle of aussie GH, omnidrin, and Primobolon and had a few questions.

  1. I am using 4 IU daily of GH injected once in the evening before bed. At 81 kilos, 9% BF is this enough and is this the best time for injections?

  2. The first week I couldnt tell I was using the GH except that I slept better. The GH had been leaving small bruises on me, so today I injected it into my quad. No pain, no problem, then about an hour later I had one of the worst skin irritations. My hands and feet were itching and it was horrible. I called a friend and he said that it was good stuff. Now the itching is gone, but I have muscle pains and I am incredibly hungry. I am curious if this is supposed to happen? I am no newbie to normal stuff but GH is new to me. Any ideas? Is the GH just absorbed better through the muscle?

  3. I am also curios if I used enough water to mix it. The bottles are 54 IU of GH so I added exactly 54 IU of electrostatic water, is this enough?

  4. One more about injection sites. Before today I was just using a different part of my body that had fat, ie stomach, inner thighs etc. Does it matter?

Thanks for the time and thanks for an exciting magazine, I love MD6 and Tribex, I am ordering GROW!! and want to try Methoxy when my cycle is over.

I just wrote a big GH review for the site. Stay tuned for that…

From most of the evidence out there GH is not that great ( for ) for muscle gain or fat loss.

However, most guys that do report some results report the most benefit when using a good amt of androgens (more than just primo) and 4-8 IU per day in divided doses. (1am, 1pm)

As far as muscle pain, muscle AND joint pain is very common. Be careful as many tend to get carpal tunnel syndrome from the stuff. To me GH isnt worth the pain associated with multiple daily injections and the physical pain from use.

Protein synthesis may be increased for about a month but no longer so if you stay on, dont for more than a month at a time (for safety too).

Since lipolysis is common and fat loss is accelerated, you may get hungry. Not a bad thing since you should be eating alot with GH and androgens.

As far as injections, subcutaneous is standard. I would stick with that. And rotate sites. Arm, thigh, ab, etc. Yes, you are the human pin cushion!

All in all, to me, GH isnt worth the costs (price, very frequent injections, potential side effects, few results).

Be safe.