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Growth Hormone Supps


I was just wondering if anyone has used any of the growth hormone producing supps or knows of any that supposedly work since I am a "natural" bodybuilder and looking to maximize my potential. Thanks.


L-Glutamine would spring to mind, best search Glutamine though, I would end up making a very sloppy explanation of how it works and how to take it and its pointless when its been discusses 1,000,000 times on this site before.

Something that aids restful sleep like ZMA would probably maximise your ability to release GH whilst having a kip too.


Look into products like Pure IGF (liquid!) and Genesis makes one called Growth Stimulant. Essentially though you can help raise your gh lvl's by taking a good amino acid complex.


Except by searching the site, glutamine is found to be pretty worthless unless you are under extreme circumstances...Not for me who is trying to maximize my already healthy levels of GH.


They used to say that Arginine and Glutamine would increase GH levels, but now I read where this is not true. So, where does that leave us, looks like getting GH, is the only real option if you want results. I have heard of some doctors working with patients on treatment with GH, so, maybe we just go to our doctors and ask them?!


I read just today that taking 8-12 grams (!) of L-Arginine is supposed to up HGH production when taken just before bed on an empty stomach. Any one have any insight into this particular bit of dubious knowledge?