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Growth Hormone for Injury Rehab & HGH PCT

Hi all,

I’ve got a great deal of longstanding niggles which easily re-injure, so much so, I took a long time away from weight lifting, thinking I was done.

My plan for my return to the gym which was 10 weeks ago was to get a solid year of physiotherapy (ART), work hard on the prescribed exercises, foam rolling & stretches + progress very slowly with high rep very light weights.

I currently do De Franco’s Agile 8 & Simple 6 every day & also do 40 minutes of Tai Chi every day (which has helped a great deal)

Supplement wise - I think I take all of the joint health supplements haha. Cissus, collagen, glucosamine etc.

I also started eating only organic food, 6 months ago, to stop putting toxins in me.

Re the year of physio - I’ve not started that… Cash emergencies came up, but I’m now in a position to do the year of physio (and afford HGH )

I wondered if HGH was as miraculous for healing & strengthening connective tissue as I hear, or if that’s a myth.

I’m using very light weights & lots of niggles are flaring up & muscles are pulling already. It’s very frustrating! I’ve surprised myself how patient I’ve been with taking it easy.

2ndly & very important - if I did do a long cycle of HGH, how problematic is it re-starting your pituitary to restart natural HGH?

I don’t want to end up with a life long HGH deficiency that’d damage my health.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Niggles, lol.

I’m interested in the same thing, because I am in a similar boat. I just had shoulder surgery 3 months ago, and my other shoulder bothers me too and I have to be very guarded doing certain movements. I’ve also dealt with cranky knees for several years, and shitty, crunchy elbows. Beginning to think I just have arthritis or something. I’m not at all ready to stop lifting, but after taking 3 months off and several easy months before that I still don’t seem to have made any improvement, because doing a single tricep extension makes my elbows crack and ache, and sharp patellar pain comes back as soon as I begin squatting again.

I hope we both hear some good news on this. I just ordered some GHRP6 to try out for that very reason.

Aw mate I’m sorry to hear about all that. I can empathise - hoping for good news too.

It can allow for some healing processes to be that of a younger male. If you are young now with good IGF-1 levels, the first iu/day does nothing except replace your own production. So you need higher doses to get any benefit. Soft tissue injuries heal slowly for young or old. So nothing happens fast.

Thanks KS, how is natural HGH production restarted after a cycle?

I read that blood tests to get a reliable measure of natural HGH are very tricky - that blood needs to be taken several times in the same day.

I do not know the impact of a cycle of hCG and how that may vary with age. I have never heard of any harm happening.

It is quite pointless to measure GH directly. Check IGF-1 that has a long half life and steady levels.

GH is produced in the liver in response to GH. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insulin-like_growth_factor_1#Synthesis_and_circulation

Thanks KS, the wiki link was great :slight_smile:

As the IGF 1 normal range is so wide, do you know of links to optimal range IGF 1 values?

Another idea I had was to complete some of the GH stimulating training regimes in T Nation - from Poliquin etc. Then there’s no possibility of damaging the pituitary.