Growth Factor Workout, Mechanical Drop Sets?

Is growth factor wokrout simply a mechincal drop sets? Just wondering? I’m type 2b and this is the kind of workouts I love
Today workout was delt and Biceps
Dumbell presses 4x10 plus partials at top. To Faliure
Mechincal drop set front raises prone incline to incline to standing front raises 3x10
Side raises mechincal drop lean side away side raises to lying side raises to stsnding
Reserve grip. To supinated curl to hammer curl 4x10
Reserve grip barbell to wide grip to close grip curl 3x10
Incline curl 3x10 1 drop each set
I. Enjoyed. It alot!

To maximize growth factors think maximizing lactic acid.

Here are the conditions to maximize it:

• Constant tension: keeping the muscle contracted every inch of every rep

• Constant loading: ¾ range of motion , not reaching positions in which the loading of the target muscle(s) is significantly reduced

• Time Under Load of 40-70 seconds per set

• Avoiding unloading because of momentum/acceleration

Some more info…

•Works best with exercises where you can keep the tension on one muscle

• Ideally exercises where you have a peak contraction at the end of the range of motion

• If there is no peak contraction at the end of the concentric (squats, bench press, curls, etc) it’s best to cut the ROM short.

• Works better with exercises that are lower on the neurological scale

And some methods you can use…

Progressive ROM sets

Lighter mechanical drop sets

ROM drop sets

Drop sets

Iso-dynamic contrast

Isometric pre-fatigue

Isometric post-fatigue

Mid-range burns

Added mid partials


Such an amazing explanation thanks coach! Every technique u mentioned is my favorite cuz im type 2b!
But i still need main lift be heavy as in Ur type 2b plan right? Like the main lift of the day!?

Sure, but you don’t need to be “heavy”… it can be done for 70-80%

Okay coach thanks!

Flexing my muscle hard during the whole rep that’s what u mean?


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Okay coach thanks! Appreciate it