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Growth Factor Shoulder Routine Frequency?


I re-read as much as I could trying to find CT's recommended frequency for the shoulder-Growth Factor workout but couldn't find a thing. Is there anyone that could help me out with that? My shoulders are as weak as a fashion model's pinky finger and about as wide as well. I'm looking to use this routine as much as possible to address my lack of shoulder size and strength but need to know how long between each GF shoulder workout I need without crippling/overtraining my shoulders.

Thanks for reading!

  • Kaleb


it sounds like you want to do a specialization for shoulders?
CT recommends 4 weeks for a specialization.
The growth factor shoulder workout should be 3-4 days ( or was it 2?) after your heavy press workout in the week.
There is also a thread about ‘‘wide’’ groth factor shoulder training. There CT shows a split :
DAY 1 - Back / Biceps
DAY 2 - Shoulders heavier (presses) / Chest (minimal)/ Triceps
DAY 4 - Shoulder pump work (Growth Factor Training)
DAY 5 - Legs
DAY 6 - Shoulders pump work (width exercises)

Not clear for me is if CT means for day 6 also a growth factor training or just ‘‘pump’’.
If you are unsure just go by feel.

link to the thread:


Awesome, thank you so much for the info and link !!!