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Growth Factor Sets in Best Damn

Question for Coach and the community:
Why are deltoids not trained with metabolic growth factor sets in the program? Did you omit that training principle because it releases excess cortisol? Curious if & how to reconcile training techniques because my shoulders respond best to tri-sets utilizing multiple angles.

Not CT, but I’d be pretty sure to say that it would be too much volume/cortisol involved which is simply not what the program is based on.

Now growth factor sets rely on lactate buildup. While we don’t get to drown our delts in lactate like growth factor sets, @Christian_Thibaudeau tells us to use drop sets as in 6-8-10 which honestly if done right, produces tons of lactate.

So I’d say it could come close to growth factor sets while still benefitting from a low cortisol approach.

I have more than a hundred methods that I use. I cannot use them all in every program I design.

It would not necessarily be too much volume. You could do one growth factor set in the program (instead of one other technique) and it would still fit the program.

Understand one thing: “The Best Damn Workout” is designed around minimizing the cortisol response and will work best with those who tend to overproduce cortisol.

Some people, even natural CAN handle more volume than the BDW (understand that “BEST” is in the title only to attract people, it’s not the only way for naturals to train) so growth factor sets would not necessarily represent too much volume, it depends on the person. Although if you abuse growth factor sets you will very likely overproduce cortisol.


Got it. Thank you for your time and knowledge, Sir.