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Growth Factor for Glutes 2


Hi CT, I have been loving your growth factor workouts and have attempted to come up with one for glutes. I have copied your methods of extending time under tension and creating max metabolic stress, and used exercises based on brett contreas research into mean/peak muscle activation. Any improvements and feedback would be much appreciated.

Most exercises done as a complex, same as other GF workouts

1 - hip thrust, ramp to 6-8rm
2 - hip thrust, same weight as above, each set to failure + 2 extra rest pauses
2-3 rounds

3a - kbell Romanian deadlift x 6-8
3b - sumo kbell deadlift x 6-8
3c - bodyweight wide stance squat x 6-8
3d - bodyweight jump squat x 6-8
3 x rounds

4a - donkey kick straight leg x 10
4b - donkey kick( leg straight making rainbow shape) x 10
4c - fire hydrant(hip abduction) x 10
4d - donkey kick leg bent x 10
3 x rounds

5 - hip thrust max pump, 5 reps + 5 sec iso hold top position, 4 reps + 4sec hold, 3 reps + 3 sec hold, 2 + 2, 1 + 1 (HDL max pump)
x 3 rounds


For growth factor work I wouldn’t necessarily assign a precise number of reps… the goal is to keep the muscles under tension for about a minute.

I am personally not a huge fan of hip thrusts. But if you feel them working well, by all mean use them.

Here are two other ones you can use.


thanks for your time coach. Would those complexes you posted work well for women who just want to build up the glutes for aesthetics, or are they better suited for lifting performance?


They aren’t really performance complexes, they are designed more for cosmetic purposes. But I believe that form should follow function.


cheers CT. thanks for your time