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Growth factor back workout


Some people ask me for workouts based on the same concepts as the growth factor shoulder workout.

Here is one for back. Beware it's A LOT of work and could make you pass out from the pain.

You can also use these supersets individually as part of your regular workouts.

Pardon the music... might as well watch it without sound!


A1. Straight-arm pulldown/rope
A2. Rope leaning pulldown
A3. Rope leaning back row
3 sets


B1. Straigth-arm pulldown/bar
B2. Leaning high pulley row
B3. Leaning back high pulley row
3 sets


C1. Behind the neck pulldown parallel grip
C2. Pulldown in front upright torso
C3. Pulldown in front leaning back
3 sets


D1. Rear delts machine mechanical drop set
D2. Band wall crawl
3 sets


E1. Touchdown raise (!!!)
E2. DB overhead shrugs
E3. Slow leaning forward KB shrugs
3 sets


Mechanical drop set traps/rear delts cable
3 sets


Can't wait to try this, I loved the shoulder one. Thanks for all you do, Coach!


awesome CT, was just humbled by the shoulder complexes. This looks killer too




Be sure to come check here for more shoulder complexes:



The videos for complex B, C, and D are not available in Germany because of some music you mentioned.WHICH IS A SHAME, love your work.


Love the touchdown raise. I was using these to near fatigue and then into a face pull then a bent over rear delt row. Glad you wrote this so I don't have to think about a better complex for X or more emphasis on Y


And what about complexe for girls ? : booty work complex ?

you have some ?



Well, these are actually complexes that we do in our morning workouts and I share them with you. I'm not to the point of doing a booty workout. But I'll think about it!


CT, how do you decide what exercises to use during the different supersets on growth factor training. Do you pick ones that have a similar movement pattern for each group of supersets?

Then how do you separate the groups of supersets? I ask because I want to design my own growth factor supersets with exercises that are most effective and stimulating to me but not totally sure of how to group the movements together.


Awesome stuff CT. I'd love to see an entire series of growth factor articles!


As would I CT if you ever get a chance


I'm into a bodybuilding phase but wanna squat and do lower body pulls often, is it a good idea to do squats and hip hinge in the first part of a workout and then do something like:
Day 1-4; chest growth factor
Day 2-5: shoulder growth factor
Day 3-6: back growth factor



You can't do chest and shoulder growth factor workouts back to back. They both hit the deltoid and it will not be optimal at all.


And if you plan to do growth factor work for more than one muscle, and do other work on top of that, only do the GF workout once per muscle during a week


So what kind of overall split would you recommend when using all 3 Growth Factor workouts (chest / back/ shoulders)?


DAY 1 - Chest GF + Triceps
DAY 2 - Legs posterior chain dominant
DAY 4 - Shoulders GF
DAY 5 - Legs quads dominant
DAY 6 - Back GF + Biceps




Enjoying this method.

Would you recommend the above split if one were doing GF for all body parts (chest, back, legs)?
Or would you modify?

Thank you for your time and responses.


Can you start these GF workouts with the MAX GROWTH CLUSTERS?