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Growth Factor and 6 Weeks to Superhero Similarities

Hi Christian,

just read your last articles on neurotype system, and ended to growth factor training for me (2B type).

Is it correct to say that growth factor training and 6-weeks to…have some similarities ?
-2-3 mechanical drop sets using compound movements followed by one or two supersets using isolation work.
I wee the 6-weeks to…program like the growth factor principles, but with exercises done one after the others.

So, if my type is 2B, I plan to use the 6-weeks program to schedule my week, is it a good idea ?

Thank you for your answer,


6 weeks has ZERO similarities at all to growth factor training. They are almost polar opposite… one is about performance and the other one is about maximal mind-muscle connection. Out of all the workouts I ever produced they are quite possibly the two which are the least alike