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Growth Cycle


Hey people, this is my first post on TN. Looking to get some verification on my cycle...

I'm on a 8 month cycle and I'm in the 2nd month of it.

Somatropin 4iu's ED
Sustanon 250 mg EOD
Finaplix H inj. 300+ mg EOD
Anavar 50 mg ED
Liquidex .25 mg ED
Nalvodex 20 mg ED
oral iGF ED

A bunch of my friends are pointing me to insulin loading but i've heard its pretty dangerous if not adhered to properly. do any of you think insulin loading would spike my gains? and if so do you have any references?


8 month cycle? Are you serious?? Way too long, by the time you get to 3 months none of your gear is doing anything in your body except messing up your liver and kidneys.


I want me some of the oral IGF.. Jesus fucked my hole.


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my friend (6'2"competes @ 260-270 in the super heavy weight class) swears by staying on it year round, he said not only are the pro's on it year round they're hitting up 8-10 iu's a day of g. and this isn't my first 8 month cycle, yes the gains occasionally taper off around the 90 day mark. if that happens then i start bridging. I don't consider that my cycle has ended if i'm still pricking myself with test.


the question i had was about insulin loading. does any one have any experience?




Here's another question for you. Why not do as most others do and just do a normal 12 week proven cycle and keep shit simple rather then over complicate life? hmm?


I do and i know of at least one other person in this thread who does - but i know that i for one, am not going to be advising you on insulin use..

"My friend says the pros stay on year around and EVEN use upto 10iu of G a day.."

Do you know what you sound like? Ignorant, naive and childish. Those IMO are not the correct prerequisites for the safest execution of insulin use.

Best of luck chuck.


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I highlighted some particularly atrocious points of contention in your first ever post on T-Nation - there wouldn't be a problem if you admitted to being a regular person with a certain amount of knowledge on PED. But you clearly think you are the big 'i am'.

If you are not growing on this many Androgens a week, then you need to look elsewhere than PED. TRUST me.

I am not 100% but i am pretty certain that anything claiming to be oral IGF - is not actually IGF-1.

You are running a cycle on the basis of your friend telling you that pro's do it. That is awful - for you as a man.

There is no deep understanding, or imagination gone into this cycle.. i mean 4iu of GH Ed is the most mundane waste of a fantastic hormone that i can think of. Even 8-10iu 3x/wk would be preferable to that!

There isn't THAT much wrong with running very long cycles - other than diminishing returns due to various action/reactions that i am not about to attempt to list (i couldn't list them all if i tried) but i am willing to bet you are ignorant to all of these. It is an assumption of course, but after listening to you taking poor advice from friends twice AND also seeing the design of a cycle with alot of expensiver compounds in used badly, it is one i am comfortable with.

I am not suggesting that one needs a degree to run AAS - far from it, but if you are wanting to run extended periods of time on AAS, using GH and also Insulin - it is (IMO) IMPERATIVE that you understand what is going on in more depth than simple HPTA suppression and other basic facts.

You may think i am on a high horse - many do - but the thing is it pisses me off to see that someone who can afford to spend literally hundreds if not thousnads of dollars on the list of drugs you gave - waste them by simply stacking them all and taking each daily for 8 months!

You could do so much more with the ingredients you have. It is like going into a 5 star restaurant and getting beans.



it seems as if my thoughts of entering and opening this thread was futile, i expected to get responses from big mouth tiny dick fellas. i just didn't expect it to be so uniform, who are you guys to think that your word is gospel.

I asked a question if you don't have an answer then shut your trap, some of my earlier cycles were handed down to me by olympia competitors... who the f**k are you?? Oh thats right .... you are the same f**k in the gym that knows everything yet weighs 205 @ 5'8 with 8 years experience.

act as if you are in my presence or don't comment on my thread, coward a*s wanna b's


So why don't you go ask your mr olympia friends? Brook and BBB happen to be some of the most knowledgeable persons on AAS on these boards. Me for first have learned a load from the posts of these guys. I suggest shutting the fuck up and post on another website. Show some respect you ignorant prick.



its seems you don't know much about life. reciprocity, learn it, live it.


See - that's your problem. You think that the path to the best results is copying the cycles run by extremely advanced competitors, where my job is to train and consult people to make sure the client uses the correct techniques for them personally - ensuring they can go as far as their effort allows.

Not only are you so ignorant as to think that a cycle for an Olympia competitor will be optimal for you - you also are so naive as to think that anyone with stats less than a international professional competitor has no knowledge that is going to help!

The fact is - many successful bodybuilders only have a basic working knowledge of AAS and nutrition and rely on trainers such as myself to run the chemical and nutritive side of things.

Also - if you are to quote my stats, make sure to do it properly - only the last 2 years have been committed to bodybuilding.

Have you ever thought - when EVERYONE you speak to is saying one thing - maybe just maybe it is you that is in the wrong? Either that, or everyone is wrong except you.



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Just because a BBer is a top pro, does NOT mean they know jack shit about gear.

Thats very true! A good example is Phil Heath, i'm sure he's knowledgeable well versed nowadays but those first couple of years when he was packing on that muscle mass he depended a lot on his peers and we know who they are.


Well said but you also said...

...which is contraindicating your previous statement/agreement with BBB. Enlight me if I'm wrong.

Besides I do know a thing or two about life. I started to work since I was 16 and been living in a poor family since the day I was 12 with a single mother with whom I had to share burden with. Yes I think I do how to deal with a bit of shit myself thank you.

Anyway. Listen, I do understand that you are searching for a specific answer but you're proving that you're the one that "don't know much about life", whatever that means. You asked for advice and everybody is clearly telling you that your cycle is not a good one to start with. So why the hell you want to add further ancillaries to this already 'not so good' (and I'm being polite) cycle? If you don't like the replies you receive just go ahead and ask somewhere else as simple as that.

Anyways, good luck. Hope you get your shit sorted.



Hi there,
I dont take steroids (only 20), so take this with a grain of salt, but I have a pretty advanced education in endocrine metabolism, so I'll take a stab at this. First off, Liquidex is anastrozle, no? If that is the case, then you can go ahead and drop the tamoxifen (nolvadex). The anastrozle will partially "block" the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, which would lead to nasty sides, like gynecomastia. The Nolvadex only "stops estrogen from working" but the estrogen is very much present still. -That is a very simple explanation but it will suffice.

Oxandrolone (anavar) should not be ran for such a long period. It can severly screw up your blood lipid profile, as well as damage your liver. It is also a weak drug, no? You also already have a very high count of androgens in your "cycle" so I would doubt its effectiveness in a cycle like this. This is just my idea, like I said, I don't use, so maybe it is effective in real life.

Growth Hormone administation, at that dose, ran everyday, would probably inhibit natural production from the pituitary to some degree, is there reason no to utilize it with dosing that is farther apart? What exactly are you using the growth hormone for?

Lastly, I don't recall many, if any, oral peptide hormone preparations as the peptide hormones are susceptible to proteolytic degradation in the gastrointestinal tract. If this is the case, I imagine the bioavailability to be very low. Its why insulin and growth hormone have to be injected. Peptides that survive passage through the stomach are susceptible to cleavage by intestinal proteasesthat are secreted from the pancreas or localized on the brush-border membranes of intestinal epithelial cells. Another impediment to oral absorption of peptides is the mucus layer in the GI tract. It binds charged molecules (such as peptides), and prevents their absorption thru the lumen. On top of that, the transport of peptides of a molecular size greater than two or three amino acids is extremely poor.