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Growth & Blood Amino Acid Levels


Is it possible to grow when there are no amino acids from eating in your bloodstream? I mean, I know you wont grow worth crap compared to when have just pounded a Surge and a-acids are coursing through your blood so thick they are practically seeping out your pores. But I'm just curious if it is literally not possible to build muscle except when there are amino acids circulating in blood.

If you were to wake up one morning and not eat a single mg of protein or amino acids, would you still be capable at synthesizing new muscle? especially if pounded ton of carbs at least (what I mean is that not fasting, just dont have amino acids/protein)?


I dont think theres ever a time when amino acids aren't in your system.. . even if you havent eaten protein the muscle broken down will be cycling about and going back into muscle if it hasnt been burnt as fuel.. . I doubt youd get any bigger that way.. . no if its sarcoplasmic hypertrophy I dont know for sure but I dont think protein intake is much of a factor here.. . I think carbs are more important for that type of "non-functional" hypertrophy. ..