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Growth Advice

I am roughly 12 weeks out from a major PL Meet. I am going to start Jintropin GH next Monday. I am looking to recover quicker so I can really up the training intensity, AND to heal up some nagging injuries.

I am getting conflicting info as to how many iu’s to take / day and how many days / week. My bud says 5iu’s EOD and I will see reults in 1-2 weeks, AND, feel consistently better as time passes. Can someone weigh in please?

Try a 2-6iu ED in a 5on/2off protocol.


Although it’s repotredly suggested and best to ramp up from a low dose, a lot depends on how experienced your system is to HGH/stax. HOWEVER, that said, I started at 6ius 5/2, then after 1 mo reduced to 4ius then on. I got the results you’re looking for. Tho not my 1st ramp <did when I was 18 many decades ago>, I gained 15# while reducing BIA from @16% > 9%. I feel/look great, btu now since I’m going on stak too, and to spread out my reserve over the rest of the year I’m cutting back to 4mgs (@1.75ius) 6/1.

I did experience flu like symptoms and worsened allergies at the higher doses, btu man, it was worth it: my growth till now was steady but this past month everybody has noticed; and my cuts are most satisfying. I go shitrless as much as I can instead of covering up. Oh, I used Serostem instead of F, but should make .littler difference. G’luk

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