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Growling at the Badger

Who: Me

What: Training log leading up to my attempt to run a sub 45 minute 10k and pull 545lbs (trap bar) in the same day. Alternatively, a sub 20 minute 5k would be ok too.

When: August 13, roughly 16 weeks from now.

Where: Grant Park at the Chicago 10k and my neighborhood gym.

Why: Because I like the idea of working towards two seemingly opposing goals and being held accountable.

How: That’s the purpose of this training log, to tie together 16 weeks of distance running, deadlifting, and rec soccer.

I turn 45 in a few months and I guess this is my version of a mid-life crisis. It’s actually kind of boring; a 29 year old blonde or a red 'Vette would be more exciting but neither my gf nor my bank account would be too appreciative so this is the next best thing.

I’ve never run a competitive 10k before but was fast when I was a kid (15:37 3 mile time). The running comes naturally to me, strength sports don’t. That being said, I haven’t run more than 20x in the last 20 years so I’m starting from scratch but for some slow runs I’ve made in the last few weeks. I’m also about 70 pounds heavier than I was in HS so I’ve got that working against me.

Where I am: I’ve been running WS4SB III for 6 months and really enjoying it. Within in the last 18 months I’ve hit a 215lb OHP, a 285lb bench, a 315lb FS, and 500lb conventional pull. My body is a mess though as I’m not built for lifting. The heavier/more often I lift, the stiffer I get. I have on more than one occasion pulled my back either getting up from the toilet or twisting to flush (this shamed me more than you can know to admit) in the morning. Right now, I’m dealing with a tweaky right calf and knee effusion on the same side.

Soccer has become my latest passion. Having come to the sport in the last couple years, I’m not talented (at all) but have more stamina than the middle aged white dudes I play against and am much bigger than the Mexican and South American guys who make up the balance of the league. In my mind’s eye, I’m like Marcelo but in actuality I’m like a goon if soccer had goons. I bomb up and down the left side until the opposing teams wings have the ball at which point I harass them so badly they give up the ball, usually while saying some choice words about my mother and a horse they once knew.

Looking forward: I was tempted to lay out a 16 week plan but I think this is going to be all about flexibility and playing up whatever my strength is at the moment while avoiding injuries like the plague. I was tempted to try this in 8 or 12 weeks but decided against it. I would almost be guaranteeing myself some kind of overuse injury and to what end? And now, without further ado:

April 24

AM: 3 mile run, 60% pace

PM: DL wut 3 x 335, 3 x 335
Reverse hypers 3 x 12 x 200lbs
SLDL 3 x 185
sled push 5 x 40 yards + some plates


I remember you mentioned this goal in passing awhile back.

Glad to see you logging it; pretty similar goals here (although I’m turning only 31).

Can you give a little more detail on how you’re laying out a typical training week?

Damn. I keep forgetting you’re Dr. Pangloss. I was thinking this sounds an awful lot like something someone else is doing.

Soooo, I’ll be following along :smile:

Ouroboro_s, do I know you?


My training the first 4 weeks is going to be about greasing the groove in the DL and getting some easy running distance while desperately trying to avoid overuse and acute injuries. The next 8 - 10 weeks will be devoted to prep and the final 2 -4 weeks to my taper.

For now, my weekly schedule looks like this:

Monday AM: Short run at %60
Monday PM: DL session

Tuesday PM: Max effort upper body, mile run to gym and mile back.

Wednesday AM: 3-4 mile run at %75

Thursday PM: Repetition upper body, mile run to gym and back

Friday PM: Soccer

Saturday: Longer tempo run ( I may also make up for Thursday’s Rep. Upper Body if I miss it due to family commitments or substitute a DL form day)

Sunday AM: Soccer
Sunday PM: Recovery run

Nike has a very good, adaptive 10K training plan I will use starting in week 4. I have no idea what I’m going to use for my DL plan but I’m ok with that right now. My goal for the next 4 weeks is to get in some easy DL volume and focus on form and supplemental lifts.

Edit: I hesitated to write this because it seems nuts but I’m considering running Coan-Phillipi for 10 weeks with a major change. Instead of performing work sets, speed sets, and assistance work in the same day I would split off the speed sets and complete those on a different day. In a sense I would almost be imposing a WS4SB3 model of max effort lower body/dynamic lower body over the Coam-Phillipi progression.

It all sounds very grandiose until my QL decides it’s had enough of this shit and brings it all to an ignominious end.

Tuesday PM:

Max Effort Upper
wut pin press 5 x 225
Pull overs ss rear delt flys 3 x 12
Lateral raises 3 x 10
DB curls 45! x 8

Modified WS4SB3, I removed the second pressing movement. Upper body is going to have to be maintenance only for the next 16 weeks.

My current vitals:
6’ 0"
Total cholesterol 177
BP 140/80
BF% somewhere north of the teens
Sign Gemini
And I like sunsets, puppies, and long walks on the beach.

G+. Unless you’re not and there really are two people doing the exact same challenge.

Yes I know, I’m teasing.

Jesus. Do you always tease the slow kids? I forget most of our T-N handles on G+. Now I’ve asked the same question on G+. I’m easy to gaslight.

I have a log on here now too.

Spent the last week sorting out my training and trying to see what fit where.

My goals for the next 3 weeks:

Easy running miles
Easy (%60) dead lift volume
Pare back upper body days
Lose weight

Last things first, I’ve gone from 218 to 205 on 1800 cals a day between March 1 and today. My goal is to keep the calories low through the end of the month hoping it eases the stress on my joints and lower back to be at 195. I’ll keep eating moderate protein, high fat as long as it keeps working for me. 100g of carbs per day seems to be my sweet spot with my current level or activity.

Last weeks work outs:

AM - Soccer
PM - 4 mile recovery run

Pin Press wut 5 x 225
Cable rows ss rear delt flys 3 x 12
Laterals 3 x 10
Curls 3 x 10

4 mile run

DL 3 x 5 @ %60 (300lbs)
Various assistance work

BP 3 x 15 x 155
DB rows ss rear delt 3 x 12
shrugs 3 x 10
curls 3 x 10

AM - 4 mile run
PM - Soccer (1-0 win)

DL 8 x 3 @ %60 (300lbs)

Following 4 exercises as a circuit, 3 sets 8-12 reps of each
Underhand lat pull down
Tbar row
reverse hypers

So, there it is. For the next 3 weeks everything will remain (mostly) the same.

AM - Soccer, 90 minutes.
PM - 25 minute run at an 8:20 pace, legs felt like jello toward the end. Yesterdays deads got to me and I might need to reconsider my calories. I’ll go another week and reassess.

Pin Press wut 5 x 230
Cable rows ss rear delt flys 3 x 10
Laterals 3 x some
Curls 3 x some
Mile run to the gym, mile run back.

I’m keeping cals at 1,800 for now as I recovered from the weekend pretty well.

@ouroboro_s, where’s your log?

nvm, I found it.

How are you finding 1,800 calories. That doesn’t sound like a lot.

little embarrassed that I’ve only just realised you’ve got a log, Pangy

1,800 is good for me right now in that I’m losing weight and my energy level is good. I maintain on ~2,200 so this isn’t too bad of a cut. I eat nearly the same thing every day:

10:30AM - Two cucumbers w/sriracha seasoning and lime
11:30AM - 6oz pouch of tuna w/ Louisiana hot sauce.
1:00PM - Two scoops chocolate protein powder with a scoop of flax meal, a dash of psyllium, and unsweetened almond milk.
5:00PM - celery and hummus/canadian bacon with gojuchang mayo/cheese and an apple
8:00PM - a hunk of protein with greens and a salad, maybe some potatos/rice/quinoa on the side.

As long as I’m recovering and my lifts aren’t stalling I’ll keep the cals as low as possible to try and continue to lose weight going into the summer. I don’t quite understand why/how I need so few calories but I’ve been tracking them for nearly 5 years now and it is what it is.

Yogi, I just started so you’re not missing much.

Four mile run, 8:18 pace. 6/10 on exertion scale.

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Homemade bibimbap.

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I think people on this site for the most part (and that’s not aimed at anyone in particular so please don’t anyone consider it an attack) are far too worried about their calories being too low.

It’s really not that big of a deal to cut on BW x 10 calories. In fact, Berardi wrote an excellent diet plan on this very site alone that had that exact recommendation.

I cut on BW x 10, and sometimes go considerably lower if I’m doing a PSMF.


Maybe. I’m on the cusp of thinking about trying to cut a bit of weight and 1,800 doesn’t sound like enough for me. Maybe I overestimate how much I eat and maybe I overeat and that’s why I now need to cut weight. I’m pretty sure I’d be unhappy at 1,350 calories a day.

Now this looks delicious.