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i am 40, 12%bf & 175lbs, weight training for 3 years very hard. i keep a food log & i have read many of the past articles. Past articles are awesome for varying workouts and cycling weights.

I am going off a cutting cycle, first time in a long time, and am using IAN KING Bulk Building workout. read many articles on EATING BIG. figure i need 4000 cals. per day to gain.

Using N-Large 3 times a day along with 3 meals consisting of beef or chicken with a salad & supplementing with creatine, flaxseed oil, fish oil & multi.

  1. many days 4000 cals makes me feel bloated. is this normal?
  2. Bulk building workout has no cardio? I want to gain 15lbs lbm & realize some fat will come with it, but i don’t want to end up a fat shit. 31" waist took me a while to get-started off at 40" waist.
  3. what should i expect in terms of gains over what times and how long should I bulk before going back to cutting?