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Whats up everyone, I have a question about growth spurts. I havent grown taller since i was 15 yrs old, I figured that was pretty young to have a final growth spurt. I was wondering at what age people stopped growing taller? the reason i ask is im 5’11 and my dad is 6’2 so i figured i still might have some inches left 2 grow? any comments?

how tall is your mom?

Eddie, knowing your Mom’s height is important so are other factors. How tall are your grandparents and other distant relatives? What are your eating habits like? Poor nutrient intake plays a great role in reaching maximum height. Did you take any medication like corticosteriods when you where younger? That can influence height. Then there are socieoeconomic factors. Urban/rural settings, level of income, academic stimulation, and modernization of the home. You’ve gotten to a computer hooked to the internet so things can’t be too bad. There is even statistics, although not with U.S. citizins, that show children that grow up in homes where the mother does not cook are under developed physically, socially and cognitional. The socieconomic structure in this country is not like that of other countries. In other words, poverty in this country is not like poverty in other countries where these studies are done. You’re about in the 90th percentile for your age. Have you reached your maximum height? I don’t think so. Upper arm and scapula bones begin to ossify between the ages of 17-20. The femur and tibia beging to ossify between the ages of 18-23. Your full skeletal system should be mature by the time you’re 25. I have a question for you. Do you have to be taller?

My mother is 5’5 i think my grandfather on my dads side is(well was when he was younger) about 6’1 and so was my dads brother, but my moms side has a bunch of short people im taller then all 12 of them. I take the asthma medicine flovent which is a glucocortiscoid but its and extremly low dose for my size(100mcg) and i havent been on it more then 2 weeks though i took this for a few months about a year ago. I eat plenty so i dont think that is a factor. My mom cooks every day yes. I also forgot to mention my age which is 18. The reason i comment on my height is because i want to play college football and football teams put a good amount of importance on size. ANd i figure the taller u are the more universal in that i could play any position on the field. I played D-line in highschool buit never started. BUt i also played linbacker alot in practice so i figured i would have to try out for a linbacking position in college since u dont gotta be 6’5 300lbs to be a linebacker but u do need speed which i have been working on.

Eddie, While you may continue to grow into your early 20’s, at 5’11" success in college football is certainly within your grasp. Just having good size does not guarentee success. It just gets you noticed. You still have to play the game. You will have to work on the many aspects of the game, mental and physical preparation. The road ahead will be difficult. How much varsity playing time did you get? What school did you plan to walk-on with? Get back to me and we will talk more about your future.

Well stronski that is one of my major gripses with football its that my varsity experience is very slim. while i went out my senior year i was on first team Defense until a previous problem of a pinched nerve in my neck came back for a grand total of like 3 days. then they never put me bacjk in the starting lineup - and this really pissed me off even though i went to all the practices showed i was better then the man in my spot they just didnt want to put me back in and everyone on the team would ask me why i wasnt starting and i would reply i dont kno because i didnt, i talked to the coach and all he said was to just to get after it more. and i was tryin my hardest, u beluieve there were other agendas. (trying to get a junior my varsity experience for the next year). So no i am in a very bleek situation i believe. What school was i pannoing to walk on to? im really not sure. But i think i need to get my grades up before i can ne way. DOes junior college take away from regular college competiton eligibility, i was lookin on the NCAA site and they never mentioned this. what do u suggest i do stronski? I obviously cant take back the past but i want to make a better future somehow.


Both my parents were coaches and many times they played kids they didnt like because they were good. The coach is going to play his best people. Im not saying that it couldnt happen but its highly unlikely. You probably didnt play for another reason. This is what i suggest. Work your ass off the become the best football player you can be. then if it doesnt work out, go to a school that has a good cheerleading program. Preferably a UCA school so you dont have to dance or do motions. When my playing days were over, i started cheering and its been the coolest thing ive ever done. And before you say fuck that, its for chicks listen to this. I started 26 straight games in high school for top level school in GA. We played our first game in 96 in the GA Dome. I missed three games my whole career with injuries. Ive been cheering for 9 months and ive already missed five weeks because of injuries. Its a tough sport. And it makes you look strong as hell because you hold girls over your head with one arm.

Goldberg i can assure u that iw as a better player then this boy. He was about 5’9 170 lbs weak as anything. If u watch the game films u can clearly see him getting buried on 3 out of four downs and making .5 tackles per game if that. HE would have absolutley no penetration on passes and would get man handled. only difference between him and me is he was a lil more nimble then I but it didnt seem to help much.

Stronski were are you?


Sorry Eddie I’ve been away from the computer for a few days. First and foremost you have to work on the grades to get into college. I’ve personally known very talented football players that are working in the post office.
(A true story, not knocking the U.S. Mail)
These fellas could have played on any Div. I team in the country. Every school visited them. But when the coaches saw their transcripts, they closed the briefcases and walked out. Perhaps the coaches where concerned about the neck injury. They didn’t want to create further injury. On the other hand, playing an underclassman, gaining experience and preparing him for the next season is valuable to the coaching staff. Varisty sports are about winning and losing, not getting the seniors playing time. Have you ever had a conversation with your head coach to see why you didn’t get more playing time? Ask him to be frank with you. His honestly will help you. Ask what you need to work on to play at the next level. I am proud of you for taking control of your future! You make the choices! I don’t think you lose eligibility playing at a JC. If yor attend a JC and don’t play football, increase your grades then transfer, you’ll lose no eligibility. You are thinking too far down the road however. Write down your goals: 1. Increase my GPA to a level that will get me into a JC. 2. Find a JC that will accept me. Work on those two first and get back to me.