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Growing While Doing Lots of Cardio?

Ei people. Look I´m having a bit of a problem. Due to my profession I´ve got to be in shape, so I usually run everyday 1H20min or I go biking or swimming. After that I do my normal training in the gym (1H30-2H00). Although I am very happy with my performances (aerobic and anaerobic) I´m losing weight. So my question is how should I train (and / or eat) so that I can maintan my stamina and grow??

look at Chad Waterbury’s stuff should suit you. cheers Spud

carbs. the only thing that is fueling your workouts and recovery are carbs. Also, are you improving in strength? If you are losing weight, and doing that much cardio it would be hard to gain strength. Its not complicated, just eat more, sleep well and you should stop losing weight. try eating at least 50g of carbs before bedtime.

Try increasing the intensity of your weight sessions and lowering the volume. Unless your on gear there is no need to spend more than 1 hour lifting, especially if you chose to do split routines.

I’m in the same boat here, except I am gaining weight at a steady pace.

You need to eat more - increase both protein and carbs. I’ve mentioned before many times, I’m having an extra 800-1000kcal daily because of 1 hour of cycling to work and back. I too spend 1-2 hours in the gym.



I agree with RSGZ, diet, specifically adequate energetic nutrients, are key here.

Do not be afraid to consume more carbohydrates, and good fats too. Carbohydrates are unique in that higher consumption has a definite protein sparing effect, in essence they can help prevent muscle protein breakdown (anticatabolic). With such high activity levels your body will be very adept at metabolising glucose for energy.

Now one of the problems with very high activity levels, for some, is that such high activity tends to lead excess secretion of cortisol, the catecholamines (adrenaline, nor adrenaline) and glucagon - to make available the energy for exercise. Over time this could lead to an increased susceptibility to overreaching, adrenal fatige and impaired immune functioning particularly If activity levels are really high. Adequate energetic nutrients, particularly carbohydrates, help prevent this from occuring!

I would look towards increaing your total fat intake too. Why? well fats serve many important functions, but in your case I feel that the added fat intake would both help increase total Calories and help maitain anabolic hormone homeostasis, which can only be a good thing. Whole Omega 3 eggs are great - easily transportable and quick to prepare and eat too (so are nuts!)