Growing Waistline

I do lots of abwork, but I seem to have suddenly acquired 12 extra pounds mostly around my waist. Is this normal for my age (73)? I now have a barely visible 4-pac.

Ab work has nothing to do with fat gain around the waist. Has there been any changes to your diet recently? When we…men…gain weight, the first place it goes to is the waist, and it’s also the last place to come off from as well.

With age and falling hormones, you cannot control everything with training and diet.

Get tested for CBC, fasting lipids, TT, FT, E2, TSH, fT3, fT4, CRP, PSA, homocysteine and fasting glucose.

Many medications cause adverse changes to testosterone, estradiol and CoQ10 levels.

Are you taking large amounts of fish oil and vitamin D?

Taking statin drugs? Taking CoQ10? If yes and no, a reduced metabolic rate can be expected.

B12 and B complex?

Using iodized salt? If not, how are you getting adequate iodine intake?