Growing Taller?


I’m curious as i’m taking my stretch taller atm

i’ve always been quite a defined guy when it comes to muscles but when you’re growing taller can muscles “stretch out” and become “flatter” and lose it’s bulk if you get what i mean? :confused:

thanks for any responses

It is (generally) a lot harder to make your muscles LOOK good when you are taller. That is true, and there is little you can do about it except work that much harder and eat that much more and don’t think about it too much.

I’m 6’3, and i’ve managed to look quite stocky. How tall are you?


While you are growing taller, your body has to put a lot of energy into it that it might otherwise put into building muscle. What you can do to help it do both is eat lots of healthy food and keep working out hard. Get lots of sleep during this period. You’ll need it. Your body proportions will tend to even out once your height stabalizes. You will see your weight go up as well. The first thing people notice when you’re tall is your height. Next it’s the width of your shoulders.