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Gonna start a log in here and see how this forum is.

Im not looking to compete or anything, i just love to do this as a lifestyle.

Stats on me:

age: 25
Height: 177CM
Weight: 210 LB / 95 KG
BF: around 15%

Workout log:


DB chest press: 3x10
Smith incline Press: 4x10
Decline flyers: 3x 10
Flyers: 3x10

EZ curl: 3x 10
Hammer curl: 3x10
Concentration curl: 3x10

1 week until blast.
Decided on doing

1-10 250 mg test
1-6 200 mg tren E
6-10 300 mg tren E

Since i got some cabaser for the first time … so might avoid the sides and gyno this time.

AAAnd, a titty boom pic from todays pump

phew … low carb dag, og imorgen noCarb dag :frowning:
Det er hårdt, men fuck det er nice, kan virkelig se det virker for kroppen.

The workout:

Shoulder / Leg:

Behind neck press: 4x 10
Squat: 4x 10

Reverse flyer: 3x 10
Hack squat DB: 3x 10

Leg curl: 3x 10
Laterial raise: 3x 12

Ab crunch: 3x10
Shrugs: 3x 10


Wide grip row: 4x 10
close grip row: 4x 10
Pulldowns: 4x 10
ropepulldowns: 4x 10

Regular bar pushdown: 3x10
Ez-bar pushdown: 3x10
Rope pushdown: 3x10

Tomorrow its on !
And black friday.

What a great day …


Ok, so after a break of 1 year from BB i decided to get back in the game again.

Have been working out for 6 months now and gotten in better shape than ever before.
Since the old forum i used to be a part of, is now a big mess, i guess im gonna try and fit into this forum, since it seems more “hardcore”.

Currently i am trying to fit in Meadows push/pull/legs workouts.
I have allways been doing 5 splits but i want to give it a honest try.

Doing a slow cut at 2800 kcal 40/40/20 macros.

200mg tren ew
250mg test ew

Current condition is around 15% bf according to my scale.
12% upper body and around 19% lower.

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Day 2 on the high frequency training inspired by Meadows.

Leg day:

Leg extension:
4x 10

Leg curl:
4x 10

3x 10

Leg press:
4x 10


Dragon flags:
2x 10

Crunches weighted:
3x 10

Still struggeling with not getting so much work in the day done, and dreading the rest day, but i assume its gonna benefit me on so many fronts.

Tomorrow will be back/bicep day.

Day 3:

I ended up fckin up the diet today (Lol).
Had 2 meetings today, one was servered with a lot of cake, the other with curry/bacon/chicken sandwich.
Ate all i could get down.


1x 12

3x 10

Seated row:
3x 10

3x 8

Cable pullover:
3x 15

Deadlift (Only top part for lower back)
2x 4


Preacher curl:
3x 10

Rope hammer curl:
3x 10

Chest activation:

Plated chest press:
3x 10

Tomorrow is rest day.

Currently taking a short break from the cut, due to lots of pressure on personal front.

Todays workout:


Incline BB press:
3x 10

Chest press plate:
3x 8

Wide chest press plate:
3x 15

Decline cable flyers:
3x 8


BB military:
3x 10

Lat raise machine:
3x 10

Reverse cable flyer:
3x 8

Cardio today was biking 47 Km.
Only aimed for 30, but i forgot my wallet at a place and had to turn back (Lol).

Progression pic:

So i took a long break and sat down to read up a lot on workouts.

I switched my workout to a recommended PPL workout and doing it 2x weekly.
Thats 6 days a week (somtimes i only get 5 workouts).

Besides that, i started my first deca cycle, and im loving it.
After doing deca i began getting better strength gains and been doing some 531 lifts as the first thing in my workouts.

Had Pullday the other day.

6x set deadlift with 3rep 190 kg for the last
3x 12 BOR
3x 10 Pulldowns
3x 12 plated rows
3x 12 wide grip pulldowns

3x Barbell curls
2x hammer curls

3x abs

Currently i am cutting down a little since i got single recently and need to get out and about :wink:

Some pics of the current form

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Todays workout.

531 program


5x 50 kg
5x 60 kg
3x 70 kg

3x 85kg
3x 100kg
5x 105kg

531 done

Single leg curl:
3x 12x 20kg each

Leg extension:
4x 12x 70kg

Calf raise:
3x 15x 20kg

Leg press:
3x 12x 100kg

Burned 100 kcal on tradmill after.

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Did a 0.6ml Deca Bicep shot at morning.
First time in biceps, and damn it hurts now lol.

531 Deadlift

3x sets of 5x 100 for warmup.

Working sets:
5x 105
5x 105
1x 140
1x 160
1x 165

Hypertrophy set:

Seated row:
3x 12x 80KG

3x 12x 60KG

1 arm cable pulls:
2x 12x 20kg on each arm

2x 10x BW

DB isolated curl:
3x 12x 12KG on each arm

Hammer curls:
2x 10x 18kg

100 kcal burned on treadmill.

Yesterdays workout:


531 program:
5x 60
5x 60
3x 70
Total 810workload

5x 90
3x 100
1x 115
1x 120
1x 130
1x 140
1x 150

Workload 1405

3x 12 leg extension

3x 12 leg curls

3x 15 calf raise.


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Yesterday leg workout:

5x 60
5x 60
3x 70
Workload 810 kg

5x 100
5x 110
5x 120
1x 140
1x 160
Workload 1950 kg

Leg extension
3x 12

Leg curls:
3x 12

Calf raise:
3x 12

6x 12

Pretty basic day, getting used to the new place and a single life.
Feels like diet is getting better.
Still sick though, doc told me to stay in bed, but who the f**k cares?

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Todays workout:
Pull day

5x 70
5x 100
3x 105
Workload 1115KG

3x 125
3x 140
3x 160
1x 180kg <- New pr, really getting close to 200kg. and did it fairly easy. video in the bottom.
Workload: 1455KG

BB row:
3x 12

Low row: 3x 12

2x 10

Close grip pulldown:
2x 10

Wide grip pulldowns:
3x 12

Rope curls:
3x 12

DB bicep curls
2x 10