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Growing Swole - BigConcrete


Gonna start a log in here and see how this forum is.

Im not looking to compete or anything, i just love to do this as a lifestyle.

Stats on me:

age: 25
Height: 177CM
Weight: 210 LB / 95 KG
BF: around 15%

Workout log:


DB chest press: 3x10
Smith incline Press: 4x10
Decline flyers: 3x 10
Flyers: 3x10

EZ curl: 3x 10
Hammer curl: 3x10
Concentration curl: 3x10

1 week until blast.
Decided on doing

1-10 250 mg test
1-6 200 mg tren E
6-10 300 mg tren E

Since i got some cabaser for the first time .. so might avoid the sides and gyno this time.

AAAnd, a titty boom pic from todays pump


phew … low carb dag, og imorgen noCarb dag :frowning:
Det er hårdt, men fuck det er nice, kan virkelig se det virker for kroppen.

The workout:

Shoulder / Leg:

Behind neck press: 4x 10
Squat: 4x 10

Reverse flyer: 3x 10
Hack squat DB: 3x 10

Leg curl: 3x 10
Laterial raise: 3x 12

Ab crunch: 3x10
Shrugs: 3x 10



Wide grip row: 4x 10
close grip row: 4x 10
Pulldowns: 4x 10
ropepulldowns: 4x 10

Regular bar pushdown: 3x10
Ez-bar pushdown: 3x10
Rope pushdown: 3x10

Tomorrow its on !
And black friday.

What a great day …



Ok, so after a break of 1 year from BB i decided to get back in the game again.

Have been working out for 6 months now and gotten in better shape than ever before.
Since the old forum i used to be a part of, is now a big mess, i guess im gonna try and fit into this forum, since it seems more “hardcore”.

Currently i am trying to fit in Meadows push/pull/legs workouts.
I have allways been doing 5 splits but i want to give it a honest try.

Doing a slow cut at 2800 kcal 40/40/20 macros.

200mg tren ew
250mg test ew

Current condition is around 15% bf according to my scale.
12% upper body and around 19% lower.


Day 2 on the high frequency training inspired by Meadows.

Leg day:

Leg extension:
4x 10

Leg curl:
4x 10

3x 10

Leg press:
4x 10


Dragon flags:
2x 10

Crunches weighted:
3x 10

Still struggeling with not getting so much work in the day done, and dreading the rest day, but i assume its gonna benefit me on so many fronts.

Tomorrow will be back/bicep day.


Day 3:

I ended up fckin up the diet today (Lol).
Had 2 meetings today, one was servered with a lot of cake, the other with curry/bacon/chicken sandwich.
Ate all i could get down.


1x 12

3x 10

Seated row:
3x 10

3x 8

Cable pullover:
3x 15

Deadlift (Only top part for lower back)
2x 4


Preacher curl:
3x 10

Rope hammer curl:
3x 10

Chest activation:

Plated chest press:
3x 10

Tomorrow is rest day.


Currently taking a short break from the cut, due to lots of pressure on personal front.

Todays workout:


Incline BB press:
3x 10

Chest press plate:
3x 8

Wide chest press plate:
3x 15

Decline cable flyers:
3x 8


BB military:
3x 10

Lat raise machine:
3x 10

Reverse cable flyer:
3x 8

Cardio today was biking 47 Km.
Only aimed for 30, but i forgot my wallet at a place and had to turn back (Lol).

Progression pic: