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Growing Pains

Has anyone here experienced growing pains before? I have them now and they just suck. If you had them where and what were yours like and how did you deal with them?

I got them so bad when I was in High School that I would be up for hours in the middle of the night. My mom always told me to eat breakfast cereal when I woke up, so the “extra calcium” would help me. Bullshit, maybe, but it seemed to help.
Best of luck,

What parts of your body did you have them in?

I used to get horrible pains in my sternum. It felt like someone was tearing my ribcage apart. I always referred to the experience as “growing pains”, but to this day am not sure if this is a phenomenon with a common cause or not. Anyone else?

What your experiencing is rough I know, but trust me its normal!!! No good way to deal with them, just try and eat as healthy as possible, do some stretching everyday, and exercise…it’ll all be over in a few years and you’ll probably be like me and wish you could go back and do more growing ( I wish I were taller than 6’!!! )

Knees, locking, agonising aches, cracking sounds. Some in the elbows.

Mine were in the whole length of my legs, but especially in my knees. Man, I’m glad I’m not going through that again! Best of Luck…Matt

Yeah, that kirk cameron was a fag, i hated that show too. No, really, what are growing pains? I don’t remember any pain when I went through growth spurts

I’m not certain if these are growing pains, but they are certainly more extreme than DOMS. Every once in a while, particularly on leg days, I will have that ‘great workout’, the workout you cannot easily walk away from. The next day I am sore, obviously, but sometimes a leg-ache type pain occurs for days afterward. It is after these types of pains that I see strength increases, however, I am not sure what it is. i prefer to call it growing pains, makes me feel like i getting somewhere!