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Growing Glutes with 3 Leg Days a Week?


I want to grow my butt,

What about doing 3 leg day by week?

Thank you

What kind of progress have you seen in strength and/or muscle these last few months?

If it’s setup right, like including some direct glute work and/or having a day focused primarily on the glutes, then of course it could work.

You could also treat it like any other bodypart specialization and take 4-6 weeks making it your number one priority and knocking everything else to the back burner for a while, before returning to a more well-rounded plan.

This has an example of a 3-day glute-focused approach. Plug in 1-2 upper body workouts and you’d be set for a while:

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Thank you for your quick answer.

I just read your link and I was wondering, is this enough exercice ?

Thank you

In the last month I did an half body program
Here are my principal performance on the big lift

Front squat 47 80 kilogram
Bench press 4
7 75kg
High squat 48 90 kg
Romanian deadlift snatch grip 4
8 70kg
Romanian deadlift classic grip 4*7 100kg

I gave up on hip trhrust because it was painful but I will try to do it again

how can hip thrust can be painful ?

Get a pad or a mat and put that where the bar rests on you if that is the pain point.

Yes i will try it again

Every time i couldn’t set the pad right so I gave up.

Hockey has been the best thing I’ve ever seen for glute gainz.

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They’re few think that I don’t understand.

Why does in the example at the end he only propose us to do

  • Squat: 1 x 6 reps; 1 x 12-20 reps Only 2 series
  • Deadlift: 3 x 3 reps
  • Front Squat: 3 x 6 reps

Plus are 3 exercices enough for a day ?
Or do I have to add some exercice

Thank you all

In my country they’re not a lot of place where you can do hockey.

I don’t have neither the time nor the money to do it.

But thank you

That’s not any of the examples he suggested. If you mean why does he only suggest 2 or 3 sets per exercise, he went all into it in this article: The Real Driver of Muscle Growth | T NATION

Long story short, Carter doesn’t believe in doing a ton of volume per exercise and instead focuses on basic intensity and very simple progressive overload (adding weight or reps each week).

When you do one workout of hip thrusts, squats, and lunges, and then come back two days later and do hip thrusts, deadlifts, and more deadlifts, and then come back another two days later and do hip thrusts, front squats, and RDLs… you’ll realize three exercises per day are definitely enough.

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okay thank you for all you explanation so here’s my plan

Day 1 : leg day following the program you sent to me
Day 2: Upper body

Bench press 4x6-8
Rowing bar 3x6-8
T bar 2x8-15
Chin up 3x at least 10
Skull crush or a triceps exercice 3x8-15

Day 3: Leg day
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Upper body

Pull up 4x 8-10
Inclinated bench press (either dumbell or barbell I don’t know yet) 3 set
Another chest exercice 2 set 8-15 reps
shoulder exercice 3 or 4 set (maybe arnold press) of 6-8 reps
Barbell curl 2x12-20

Day 6 Leg Day
Day 7 rest

Every time when i try to build a program i found that I lack variety and I always choose the same exercice over again

Feel free to correct me or tell me an exercice that’s good to add

Thanks you and sorry for my english

Squats, heavy kettlebell swings, jumps (both vertical and broad) and sprints have all helped build me a large, muscular ass.

I recommend them highly


I’ve never trained with band before how do I choose the good one ?

Thank you

Most straightforward thing would be do Madcow 5x5, especially as could do with upping your numbers

If want to push it, this will give you tha Thundaa-butt…

No matter what you’re doing, leave the gym knowing you worked hard. If you have three exercises in one day, work them with enough intensity to achieve something.