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Growing From Yoga/Stretching?


I was talking to my cousin and he swore that he grew a couple inches through some exercises/ yoga and stretching. I of course called bullshit but he says that it is possible. He went on to say that pitchers arm is usully 1-3 inches longer then there non pitching arm because of the constant exercise. The height increase I am skeptical of but is this true about the pitchers?


Do yourself a favor and never listen to anything your cousin with short man syndrome says ever again.


Mybe his cousin is 8 and is wrongly attributing his natural growth to regular exersze and stretching?

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Similar story: my brother-in-law is 6'3", but always seemed my height. Then he went to Marine boot camp, and came back actually standing up to his full height. So Marine boot camp made him taller right? No. He was actually forced to learn and use proper posture, something that yoga and pilates are very big on. If he saw a height increase, it was more than likely him standing upright instead of slouching/hunching.

Pitcher's arm longer than the other? Your cousin is a complete retard. Buy him a hockey helmet and don't let him sit in the front of the car.


Your cousin is just thhhpecial.


I agree. Proper posture is doing it. When I first started deadlifting I gained about an inch in heighth after a few months. I'm pretty sure it was due to posture.

The arm thing is ridiculous though. He may have a knot somewhere in his shoulder or back that is pulling his arm in tight, but the bones are not growing because of pitching.


yeah thats pretty ridiculous, you cant stretch bone, thats all it comes down too.


I think it could go beyond posture; it may be that he is prolonging his mind body connection


Somebody in the yoga class I teach told me he was an inch taller. If your spine is compressed from years of bad posture yoga will lengthen the body out.


I used to hang from a bar after all my workouts. Over time, I felt like I was getting taller. I was even keeping track my making marks on a wall. Eventually, I found out that my brothers and sisters were erasing the marks and making their own to trick me into thinking I was getting taller. I was so mad!

Oh wait...that wasn't me. I'm getting my own life confused with an episode of The Brady Bunch.


A pitchers arm may seem longer due to hypermobility of the scapula.

If you measure from acromion process to middle finger tip I'm sure both arms would be equal.


Yeah, but that's 'cuz you're married, not because jelquing doesn't work, right?