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Growing/Bulking Plan Help


Hey guys was hoping to get some advice on my current nutrition plan for bulking.
First a little about myself.
I am 6'2 and weigh 205lbs. I have a bit of a ponch but little to no fat anywhere else.
My bf is most likely around 15%. I do cardio once a week in the form of floor hockey. I play goalie for an hour every wednesday. Besides that its all lifting.

I start my workouts with 10 mins on the spin bike and usually finish workouts with 10mins on the spin bike to help reduce DOMS.

I know I should but I am not really a big egg eater. They make me feel a little bit sick so I usually stay away from them. I also don't count veggies for calories. I try to use more food then sups but I might have a few too many right now? I get most of my sups for free so it isn't a problem to use more or less.

Meal 1 - 1 cup oats, 2 scoops protein, vege greens and phyto berry, 1 cup of milk.
661 cal 10f,71c,71p

Meal 2 - 1 cup chicken, 1.5 cups brown rice, green veggies
707 cal 19f,67c,67p

Pre-workout - 1 scoop protein
124 cal 0f,1c,30p

Post-workout - 1 scoop vitargo, 2 scoops protein
388 cal 0f,37c,60p

Meal 3 - 1.5cup extra lean ground beef drained, 2 tablespoons natural PB, green veggies
551 cal 35f,6c,53p

Meal 4 (snack) - 1 can tuna, 1 tablespoon mayo
228 cal 12f,0c,30p

Meal 5 - 3 scoops muscle juice
771 cal 10.5f,127.5c,42p

Meal 6 - 1.5cup chicken, green veggies, 2.5 tablespoon flaxseed oil
564cal 36f,0c,60p

Bed - take fish oils

Totals: 4000cal, 123f, 310c, 413p

What do you guys think?


Way more protein than necessary IMO.


The protein is absolutely fine.

Actually, I'm amazed to find myself say that your bulking diet should be fine. I would make changes personally (e.g. I would probably take out the mayo and sub in something, etc), but on the whole--looks good. Best of luck.


Looks fine to me. It's awesome if you can be that precise/strict day in and day out. I need a little flexibility because of family/work, etc so I use ranges for my macros. I'm close to your stats - 6'1", 215 lbs, approx 15% bf, so the numbers aren't too far off where you'd be at. What I'm using is 4100 - 4400 cals, 298-512 p, 132-227 f, 298-448 c per day.

This way I don't have to stress about things and can go out to eat if I want, eat the same dinner as my wife and kids, and have some variety - all I need to do is adjust the rest of the day a little and it works out fine.


Thanks guys.

Tougher - I live with my girlfriend and I am a student. She doesn't like most of the foods I eat so I cook for myself as well as my schedule is very very flexible for what/when I eat/workout. The only thing that I have to change is when I work if it is really busy I have to skip the food and have a weight gainer shake. But I agree, a range is a lot less hectic and allows less stress when it comes to the food situation.