Growing and staying lean?

Can anyone help out here? It’s winter so everyone’s trying to boost their mass/strength. When I eat a ton of protein and calories, my lifts go up. However, so does my waist line. When I start to cut back on the calories, my waist line decreases but so do my gains. Is there a happy medium here? Can you still bulk and get stronger, and remain relatively lean also?

I have the same problem. I use JB Winning
formula issues 204-205

If you add in some sprints and from what I hear, HOT-ROX (never tried it), you should be able to still gain with minimal amounts of fat.

Christian Thibaudeau did it!

And CT did it WITHOUT Hot Rox. Although he has said time and time again that his results would have come faster, in relation to fat loss, had Hot Rox been available when he did his transformation.

This may not apply directly to you, but here’s my observation. Many people take bulking and cutting to extremes. When they’re trying to add mass, it becomes a junk food, excessive calorie food fest. When they diet, it’s starvation and super low carbs often combined with tons of cardio. They bounce between these two extremes, never satisfied with the results.

The solution is a happy medium and two serving of patience. You have to think, “Do I want to be 15 pounds heavier next year, all of it muscle? Or do I want to be 15 pounds heavier in a month, most of it fat?”

And vice versa: “Do I want to be lean and mean in two months, or do I want to weigh less in two weeks but not look or feel very good?”

A transition period between mass and cutting stages might help too.

All that said, HOT-ROX can help when bulking. Thibaudeau and I were talking about this the other day. He was taking a small dosage of HOT-ROX to remain lean while his diet was less than perfect. I’ve done the same thing, even going as far as losing a little fat while having a few too many buffets a week! Of course that’s not saying you can eat crappy all the time, train like a wus and still lose fat as long as you take supplements… but HOT-ROX does make the whole “add mass without getting fat” thing much easier. I think Christian was using only two caps a day to help with this.

Yes, I only use two caps a day while trying to minimize fat gain while bulking. I will throw in 1 (or even 2) more in the event of an uncontrolled binge meal, to limit the damage. My girlfriend is using only 1 or 2 caps per day to limit fat gain too. She’ll also add one more if she overeat.

It’s working well. Yesterday I weighted in at 221lbs and in all objectivity I can’t see any additional fat added on my body. I actually feel that I look leaner, I don’t think that I lost fat, but gaining 10-15lbs of muscle with no fat gain will have that effect.

As for other supplements, I’m experimenting with extreme Tribex overdose right now (using up to triple the dose), Red Kat (regular dosing), “M” (regular dosing) and creatine.

I’m consuming 400-500g of protein (that’s a whole lot of meat chicken and shakes folks!).

I do keep my carbs intake lowish, only consuming 75-100g per day (up to 150-200g if I have both a strength and sprint session in the same day).

How does one remain injury free on your routine? I don’t know about you guys but with a lot of sets, I can sometimes run into rotator cuff tendonitis. It’s a pain in the butt to get rid of once you have it. I’m injury-free now and looking to avoid anymore lay offs down the road. Any advice here?

Hey CT, how much fat are you taking in a day and from what sources?

You can get big while staying relatively lean, but you have to allow for some fat gain, or you are going to drive yourself crazy. Eat clean, but eat a lot. Several different kinds of supplements advertise that they will help out with this process; find which ones work for you.

Hot rox with mag-10 a good combo?