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Growing a Moustache for Charity


My dad was is diagnosed with stomach cancer 2 weeks ago. Last week we discovered after surgery that it was terminal. As you can imagine I am completely devastated and trying to get my head round it. It's hard and I feel something inside me has died however you have to get on with it. The world keeps moving on.

Anyway myself and my colleagues at work are taking part in Movember


Basically its growing a moustache throughout November for charity. It's obviously struck a chord with myself as its for fighting cancer.

Would be good if some T-Nationers got in on the act too.

Anyone else up for it?


I'm sorry to hear about your dad. My dad had a few different types of cancer as well, and they [amongst a host of other ailments] ultimately led to his death. But, he lived 13 years longer than he was initially projected to, so there is hope. Anyway, a buddy of mine told me about the mustache thing this past Sunday. He's already started growing his to get ready. Good luck to you and your family bro.


Cheers mate.


That's Movember kicked in guys so feel free to send any donations my way

Will post pics once it's up and running


No cheating.


Mate, I'm already on it.

So sorry to hear about your father. Make sure you spend a lot of time with him - these moments make all the difference.


Cheers mate

Here's the link for anyone who wants to make a donation



togh, brother. Sorry to hear about this. Hold your head high.

also, i cant grow a mustache or a decent beard.


Cheers Rocks my man

I've currently made £56 which isnt to shabby. I'm going for a Hulk Hogan horseshoe number and I look an absolute disgrace lol

It would be cool as hell if the T men and gals made a donation. Walking in public with a big ol ginger moustache is hard work ya know!

Here's the link



Sorry to hear about your dad. I grew a tache for movember last year, was pretty awesome by the end of the month - I had lambchop sideburns leading into a full handlebar. I'll try and find some pics from my facebook.