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Growing a Lagging Body Part


So ive noticed recently that my triceps are pretty pathetic. I usually don't do direct work on them ant leave it to my pushes to hit them. Think its about time I witch it up and hit them once or twice a week. Any ideas?


you definitely need to start hitting them directly

Start simple with some close grip smith benching...power pressdowns and pjr pullovers..4 sets each 8-10 reps a set...increase weights each set too

work them out once a week for 3-4 weeks til they can handle twice a week


If you honestly havn't hit them directly then they will probably grow like weeds when you start doing direct work.


What does your training look like?

If you're pressing more than once a week you're hitting your triceps more than once a week. If you only do presses once a week and you're bodybuilding, you're in trouble.

Since I know nothing about your training I will guess that you have a Chest Day when you Bench Press and an Delt Day when you Military Press.
On both these days, do more triceps. Maybe before you did a lot of flies and laterals. Replace some of that time spent on doing flies and laterals with doing triceps exercises.

But you can't go nuts every day. One of these days will have to be lighter than the other. But one will still need to be heavy, probably the Bench Press/Chest Day. So...

Delt Day: (Light)
Military Press
Skullcrushers (It's lighter than a press)

Chest Day: (Heavy)
Bench Press
Floor Press (It's heavy - this is your heavy day)

Something like that. You might want to find a way to increase your training volume too. One of the reasons Thib likes Blast Strap exercises so much is because they're easy. Blast Straps and Bodyweight Exercises like Unweighted Dips and variations of Push-Ups are good ways to add volume to your training because they're easy. They won't impact your recovery that much but they will get you doing more.


Post your training so we can get a better idea.

Throw one heavy triceps exercise during one of your push days ( close-grip bench, smith close-grip, reverse bench, inhuman close-grip and etc ) and add an Arm day to your split.

This general template do wonders for triceps size:

  • One heavy compound movement ( close grip, dips, inhuman press, etc.)
  • Another heavy compound ( optional )
  • One extension movement
  • One pushdown movement

That takes cares of all the triceps heads. Reps/sets are up to you, but I recommend keeping reps for most exercises over 8.


DeltaOne's advice is good. I am someone that used to not train arms thinking that it was vain and bodybuilding was stupid..

Now I hit them in some form or another 2-3x/week and they still suck.

If you want big arms, train them.


I directly train triceps twice a week as they're a week point of mine as well.

I find with triceps, I do do heavy CGBP, but high rep sets of extensions and pushdowns seem to be doing the trick. I think arms, although throwing in one heavy exercise is good, respond really well to higher reps and lots of pump work focusing on the squeeze and getting blood into the muscle. PJR pullovers are a new favorite of mine.

Grab a few exercises and hit those triceps often, increasing weight and reps as soon as your strong enough and in a couple years hopefully they're a strong body part.


Some more options:

Move your grip an inch or two closer on all pressing movements

Scott tricep extensions


I've switched up my training a little lately. I've done the body part a day for a while sodecided to do a full body for a few months


Power Cleans 4x3

Front Squats
Rom DL
DB Bench
DB Row
Military Press
Lat Pull Downs

Weighted Russian Twist 4x10
Plank 4 x 45sec hold


Bathwater. Baby. Throwing out




I think what he is trying to say is that your full body routine/idea sucks and should be thrown out.

Do youreally expect to do cleans, front squats and then DL's with any sort of weight? You're going to be too fatigued as you go through the exercises IMO. Youre gonna be so spent that you'll be military pressing the little pink dumbbells by the time you get to them.


cleans 70kg
FS 65 70 75
ROM DL 100 110 120
DB Bench 28 30 32
DB Row 30 32 34
Military Press 42.5 45 50 (not quite little pink dbs)
Lat Pull Downs 60 70 75


IMO, if you really want to improve a lagging bodypart, you need to give that bodypart it's own day, or make it the priority on the day it gets trained. "Everything" can't be a priority if you are trying to bring something up to par.

In my case, just throwing in a few sets of calf raises after my squat workout hasn't been that effective in improving my calves. I now give them a whole workout... an all-weakpoints day (calves, plus abs, lower back). If your chest sucked, you would be crazy to just do a few sets of benches after you were done training your back and shoulders... you'd give chest it's own day, train it first, give it plenty of sets, and make it the most important bodypart that day. Otherwise, it will probably always lag behind everything else, or take a really long time to get up to par.