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I bought a bulk order of Classic Grow! and found 2 jugs in the back of one of my closets. it says that it will expire in november. Would this stuff be ok to take after this date??

Thanks for the help.



Sorry but I don't really know. I'm quite curious though if there is any intersting scientific reason why a protein powder would go bad so 'bump'


Jamie, most supplement companies are pretty conservative when it comes to expiration dates. You'd be safe, yes, absolutely -- especially since you've kept your GROW! in a temperature controlled environment, which definitely enhances its shelf life.


Just as any food product has its' limit in terms of how long it will remain fresh, protein powders are no exception. If waiting much longer than the expiration date, degradation and rancidity could become issues.

I'd suggest using those two containers first. If you don't end up finishing both by November, it's not a big deal, but I would still try to consume them within a reasonable amount of time. If you're really concerned, you could store one in the freezer while you use the other.