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Hi everyone,

I just started school and what i use to do in this time is eat breakfast on my first recess since i dont have time to eat when I wake up.
I was wondering if theres anything wrong with having a serving of Surge or any other MRP and adjust calories from the next meals. This should stop catabolism about 3 hours earlier than if i would wait until the first recess to eat something.
Right now im eating 3000 kcal in 6+ meals a day, I was just wondering if a 300 kcal MRP is ok for breakfast or I should add more carbos or calories to it? many people like to have a huge breakfast, is these very important?



Everyone has time to eat when they wake up, it just takes some discipline - like waking up 10 minutes earlier.

Nothing wrong with a shake for breakfast. I sometimes add cottage cheese (blended) or natural peanut butter.

But Surge is not an MRP. It's a post-workout drink only. I think you meant to say Grow as in your title.



Don't have time to eat when you wake up!! Set the alarm 20 min earlier and have a proper breakfast and have the shake during your first recess.


Sorry I meant grow not surge. Why would it be better to have my mrp in my first recess instead of breakfast?


Whats better? to have a 300 cal breakfast, and then 300 cals on the first recess 3 hours later or just have a 600 cal breakfast and wait 5 hours till my next recess?


The 300 cal breakfast. You really need to break the fast caused by sleep with some protein.


Thanks Davo,
1 more question, what would be better calorie by calorie,
1 serving Low Carb Grow and a banana or 1 serving Classic Grow?
im not very convinced of the benefits of using maltodextrin as my carb source throughout the day, i would reserve it for PWO only.
Oh, and is there a big difference in taste/texture between Low Carb Grow and Classic Grow?
Whats ur favorite flavor?