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I have a quick question…

Do any of you use GROW as your post-workout shake, or is it wiser to use it strickly as an MRP at some other point in the day? If it’s the strictly the latter, could someone explain why?

Before dedicated post-training drinks like Surge came along, most people did use a standard MRP like Classic Grow!, Myoplex, Met-Rx etc. That’s because we learned that liquid protein and carbs after a workout could make a big difference.

Later, we learned more about the specifics - which protein worked best at this time, what type of carbs, aminos, ratios etc. Surge was designed to meet those needs strictly for post-workout (or sipped during).

So the evolution of post-workout nutrition went like this:

  1. Hey, if you eat a lot of protein and carbs after training, you get better results and recover faster! Pass the sweet potatoes and chicken!

  2. Hey, if you consume a faster acting liquid meal of protein and carbs with very little fat, you get even better results! Pass the MRPs!

  3. Hey, Surge rocks because it’s designed specifically for post-training and is based on dedicated post-exercise research!

Also keep in mind there’s Low Carb Grow! and Classic Grow! with carbs. I pretty much use LC Grow! exclusively and save the carbs for post-training Surge.

If you can’t afford Surge, an MRP with carbs is fine and better than nothing. In you can’t afford either, there’s always solid food that mimics the post-training guidelines.

Carbs are important for post-workout drinks. Grow by itself is not a good source of carbs. Surge is.

Thanks guys,
I have protein that I mix with dextrose and maltodextrin right now. So I’ll just continue doing that. I can’t afford surge right now, but perhaps in the future. I’ll save the GROW for times it’s tough to eat solid foods. Thanks.