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In terms of taste, which is better, Grow or Low-Carb Grow? Thanks.

ive only bought vanilla grow and chocolate low carb grow. they both seem fine to me and ive never really been tempted to try the other flavors. vanilla grow is bomb…bar none the best MRP ive ever tasted. its not just the taste, but the texture. the powder is really fine and mixes up awesome…no grainy chalky shit. as far as the low carb, it tastes better than most, but it has a touch of that undesirable taste that protien powders have. of course the fact that it has barely any carbs makes it a much more difficult task to make it taste good i would think. but in comparrison to other low carb drinks, LC Grow is still in the lead. so to quit typing and answer the simple question that was asked, grow tastes better than low carb grow, but both are the best tastes in their classes. the choice between buying regular or low carb shouldnt be based on taste, but which(or both) you need in your diet at this particular time. i give both of them a “bueno.” hope this helps.

They claim they taste equally good, although experience would point towards the high-carb version tasting better.

Best on the market. The LC Grow has a slightly thinner texture, but the taste is about the same, which is very good!
I never get tired of either. I just swap between vanilla and chocolate every time I order.