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I learned a long time ago that Vanilla powders usually do not taste good. Stick with Chocolate if you can. The only time I get Vanilla is if I am blending it with other foods/liquids.

Vanilla Grow is incredible. It spoils you though because you can never go back to other protein powders once you realize how good Grow tastes.

You’ve never known a woman to be successful on fat fast? well then, i guess I’ll be the first for you. Just wait, I’ll post my results and you wont be able to say that any longer.

re:androgens, I am taking methoxy 7, which as I read, is recommended for women on fat fast who arent taking andros of any kind.

What will you be doing in the way of training while on the Fat Fast? I also agree with TEK, why not look into the T-Dawg? Maybe increased intensity in the gym will then make the Fat Fast NOT necessary?

Hey Bets, good luck with the fat fast!! I did it about six months ago, and I had great results (TEK, take note, now you’ve heard of a girl who did it successfully). As for the protien shakes, I really don’t know how you can make it more palatable and stay in the fat fast boundries - all I know is that fat fast was hard. It wasn’t fun for me in any respects, so I did “suck it up and drink it” (as quickly as possible haha). The only tip I have is to take psyllium (sp?) husks. This is really important, especially for girls. Our kidneys can’t process as much as guys’ can, so you need to make sure you’re taking in fiber. If you think Grow! is gross, just wait till the psyllium - but it’s VERY important to have the fiber. Good luck again!

Since it is winter, consider making GROW! hot chocolate. Put 6-8 ounces of room temeprature chocolate GROW! in a shaker that has a strainer in it (I find these are the best), then shake it up. Pour it into your mug and microwave. Keep an eye on it as it may foam up a little when heating. To make it richer, substitute some cream in place of a some of the water. Enjoy, and good luck!

Bets, I really hope you prove me wrong. Good luck!

But I just think there are better, less miserable feeling diets out there, especially since you don’t even like protein powder - it’s going to really suck when you add the flax. Yuk!

To quote Chris Shugart in the must-read “Things We’ve Learned” article, “The effectiveness of a diet is not related to how miserable you feel while on it.” In other words, there are other diets out there that will work as well, and that have a better success rate, and that are less risky when it comes to LBM loss, AND that leave you feeling human. But I do wish you luck. If it doesn’t work out for you, check out Berardi’s stuff at T-mag. Start with the “Essential Berardi” article.

Sounds like you’re ready to get to work on your nutrition.
Here’s one I like: Low-carb grow with minimal water so it’s thick like pudding. Then top it off with some walnuts or slivered almonds with a dash of nutmeg or cinnamon. A tasty protein/fat selection!
Keep us posted with your success!

Actually, an Atkins diet advocates a high percentage of dietary fat intake as well. Fat Fast with whole foods emphasises protein only, as the calories are to be kept below what would normally be ‘diet’ levels.

Thanks so much to everyone who has replied. Patricia, regarding my training, I have not yet decided what I am going to do. I have already done meltdown and 12 weeks to super strength, so I am not sure what I’ll do. I’m not afraid to work hard, but my time is limited as I work and go to school, both full time.

Regarding protein powders: I went out today and picked up some low carb chocolate isopure, so I will have some nice variations.

I have made it through day one (very hungry and grumpy, but alive) and I am looking forward to the next 27 days. Cant wait to have some impressive results to post.

And thanks for the hot chocolate idea!!! I’m gonna have to try that, as I was formerly addicted to dunkin donuts hot cocoa.

Oop, I just read your stats (I missed them the first time). I see how important this is going to be for your life. I wish you the best luck, and I’m very happy that you’re willing to change your body shape. Please keep on reading so that you can keep your changes - I sure don’t want to see another yo-yo story! Remember, this diet is a drastic variant, and is not a long-term solution. It’s merely designed to get you to a “maintainable” weight and then your strategy will have to change.

Good luck. Really.

Thanks for the encouragement!!! I really need it, and appreciate it. Yes, I know this diet isnt a permanent solution. I am planning on doing it for a month, then t-dawg for a month, then fat fast for another month, then hopefully I will be at my goal. From there, I’ll go back on T-dawg and slowly increase my carbs slightly, so I can eventually follow a balenced diet. I know it seems that I am jumpin the gun, but I like to plan these things out. It motivates me. So thanks again for the support and keep it comin!!!

Fat Fast = 50% fat diet. Not protein only. From the article, “My daily food intake will consist of five tablespoons of cold-pressed, organically derived flaxseed oil which I purchased at a discount at GNC. This will be 650 (about half) of my daily caloric intake.”

If you eat a whole food, nonfat diet, then you aren’t on the Fat Fast.

facepalm Jesus, my mind is dead. Damn midterms. Of course you’re correct, my neurons just aren’t firing right now… Anyway, what I meant to say is that with a whole food Fat Fast you’d still be getting your fat from either Flax or Fish Oil, rather than from dietary sources with Atkins. Anyway, you’re right, and it doesn’t matter that much (calorically) anyway.

Bets: How did you feel about Meltdown? Is it something you want to continue with? Have you read up on any of the other programs listed here in T-Mag? 5x5 requires only 3-days a week, for instance. You could also (with the assistance of Pugs), create a workout for yourself. Base it on squats, deads, bench. A three day a week routine. Which is what we do. We have a squat/dead day and a bench day. Squat/dead day we may throw in good mornings. On bench day we also perform dips and some tricep work. Fridays were reserved for The Bear (from Coach Davies) or power cleans and front squats. Just three itty bitty days. That’s it.

I really liked meltdown. It really helped me lose a good amount of fat and I definetly gained muscle. However, I am not sure I would have the energy to do that while on fat fast…just on day 1 i have felt like i was gonna puke all day…not sure if i could handle an intense workout while feeling so sick. but i hear the first 3 days of fat fast are the worst…

5X5 sounds good I think. I’ll talk to pugs about it.

Thanks SO much for your insight. Its so great to have support like this. God knows I’ll need it.

Day 1:
Well my first day has gone pretty good, very lethargic, and don’t have much energy maybe exam time wasn’t the best time to do this but oh well. Im already six pounds down on water weight which is alot for one day…I made my own concoction of 1.5:1 ratio of sunflower oil and flax oil to consume cause it seemed that sunflower was a very good source of polyunsaturated fats as well as a good dose of monounsaturated fat and when I combined the two it tastes horrible but pain for pleasure I geuss, I think me and betsy will keep this thread for our daily or every other day posting of our progress I started at 254 or so and about 23% bf…so onto tommorow for me where I will be deciding what workout I will choose and do…wish me luck

Good luck to my baby I am so proud of her for even getting this far and I know she can do this if she keeps at it.

Congrats!!! Thats one day you’ll never have to worry about again! Keep up the great work guys!!

You could try a little sugar free pudding mix.

You guys Rock, I’m slightly Green as my Lady thinks sweating, outside the bedroom, should be banned forever. Keep us Posted and Keep up the Good work.