OK everybody…tomorrow is the big day. I am starting Fat Fast. I’m female, 5’5, 220lbs, 31.1% body fat. Please please please wish me luck. I’m gonna stick with it for 28 days. Here’s the question. I got my supplements in the mail today (I’m so excited!) and I’m going to be having vanilla grow as my protein shake. I know all you hardcore muscle people think grow is awesome, but I’m not so fond of it. (I really dont like any of the protein powders) I was wondering what tips you guys could give me on how to make it palatable (and please dont tell me to suck it up and drink it and shut up about it). I was thinking of mixing it with strawberry crystal light and freezing it as kind of a slushy…
PLEASE HELP…i want to do this.

good luck!as for the protein shake,suck it up and drink it and shut up about it.i am sure you have swallowed worse tasting things ie:other companies protein powders.i use the low carb grow and find it a world better than any other brand i have of luck and look forward to hearing from you in 28 days with the results.

You are right. Thank you.
I’ll definetly post my results, im so excited to surprise EVERYBODY with my success, ESPECIALLY my wonderfully supportive boyfriend.

The secret to great tasting protein shakes is to use nonfat skim milk instead of water. It makes a huge difference.Good luck!! It’ll be tough but you’ll do it! Look forward to seeing you on here in a little while braggin about how sexy ya done went and got.

And for anyone who didnt know her boyfriend is Pugs…Oh wait that me!!!

Good luck baby

I cant have skim milk on fat fast though, can i? too many carbs, right??

if you cant handle grow, you cant handle any protein powder.

I didnt say I could. In fact I specifically said I didnt like them. I simply asked for something to make them more palatable.

I’m doin it for us baby. Thanks for the support.

First: Good luck! I think it’s great that you’ve made the decision to do this. Fat Fast is a damn difficult program to stick to, but if you’ve got the willpower it should get you where you want to go.

Second: About the protein powder… Hmmm. Vanilla might not be your best choice. If you had chocolate you could mix it with peanut butter and get yourself a really nice tasting Reeses-type flavor. But I don’t know about mixing PB with vanilla. Might try it and see. One other option would be to get some almond butter (like PB, but made from almonds) and mix that in. I’ve tried this concoction, and while it’s not exactly a gourmet meal, it’s not bad and will give you a little in the way of variety. And the almond butter doesn’t have many carbs.

Third: Teach pugs how to punctuate!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice. I’m planning to go pick up some chocolate, probably isopure, just for the variety.

I’ll work on the punctuation thing, but no promises!

I’d have to check the label but i would think the carb content would be negligable. As for the Peanut butter thats the way my girlfriend makes em for me, Takes like drinkin a reese’s cup. Is it just me or does chocolate grow smell like cake batter?? I cant remember who said it, but there right. This will be tough. But you WILL do it!! also when ya come off Brock Strasser recomends switching to a normal keto type diet. With this combination pugs wont be your bf for long!!! kiddin pugs, i think its great that your helpin out. Best wishes to the both of you!!! AND KEEP US POSTED ON YOUR RESULTS!!! Or if ya just need motivation.

Hey whets wrung wit ny punteushun…lol my punctuation is fine…Im in school to be a fitness leadership/ex Physiology major not an english major,lol. BTW I am also starting Fat fast tommorow as well guys so wish me luck. Also since im 255 and 23% bf shoudln’t I up my cals to like 1600 or 1700 cals to try and get at least 200 grams of protein so maybe I can gain a little muscle or at least spare what I have. BTW I an using ergo’s androspray…B/c I didn’t get much in the way of results from 4ad-ec.


Mix it with a lot of water, otherwise it’s too thick. You don’t need much flavor, because it tastes good except for its consistency—too thick…about 20 oz water is perfect for me…


Bets- Good luck. I throw ice in the blender to get it cold and it tastes like a shake. I also use 1/2 water and half skim milk. When I do fat fast I also eat a lot of hard boiled egg whites just to mix it up. The stricter you follow the protocol the better it works. Also do not just jump off it at day 28. Go to a low card diet for at least a week or two to ease into a maitenance program. You will shock your system and gain if you come right off it. Good Luck and definetly keep us posted.

No, you can’t mix it with milk on the Fat Fast - way too many carbs.

Hey there. Have you ever considered doing a whole-food version of Fat Fast? That is, using foods which are almost exclusively protein. These include chicken breasts, tuna, egg whites, extra-lean steak, salmon (most types of fish, really), and low-carb protein powder. Yes, some of these have fat, but with these foods you can easily get adequate protein while keeping calories low. Further, you get all the benefits of ‘surviving’ off of whole/real foods instead of protein powder. Namely: a) A superior micronutrient profile, b) Increased satiety, c) increased Thermic Effect of Food. Something to think about!

Also, if you decide to stick with the original version of Fat Fast, I’d recommend taking fish oil instead of Flax. Shoot for a total of 6-10g of EPA/DHA a day, as per John Berardi’s recommendations. You may find that it requires less calories to reach this mark than you would normally be getting from the flax seed oil, but this caloric difference could be made up with a smaller amount of additional flax, on top of the fish oil, or additional protein.

The Fat Fast with whole foods is called the Atkins Diet.

I have never known a single woman to be successful with the Fat Fast, even the one that was under Brock’s supervision. And you don’t even like the taste of protein powders? Girl, pick another diet! :slight_smile: How about the T-Dawg?

Congrats on prepping yourself. I’d also say congrats for looking for solutions before you can’t stand the sight of protein powder.

First off, isn’t Fat Fast supposed to be done with some type of androgen support? The severe calorie restriction will be quite harsh to the metabolism. In case you didn’t know, an androgen is kinda like a steroid (well, steroids are androgens, anyway) and so can support muscle even when muscle doesn’t want to be there.

I don’t know how to make the powders better, BFA (I think) mentioned that a little bit of milk goes a long way - but there are carbs in milk, so that won’t work. There are lots of foods out there that are also entirely protein - egg whites, chicken breast, tuna, some beef jerkey. You’ll sure learn the profiles on these things before you’re done!