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Hey somewhat of a newbie can someone help me out. I just purchased GROW and NLarge when are the best times to use these products and how mant times per day. As for NLARGE do I need 4 scoops per serving because when you add milk that well over 60 grams of protein how about like two scoops with 500ml of milk. As for Grow do I need the recommended serving also.

Thanks Guys

Well, it depends on whether you’re using the tubs to supplement your food intake or just using it post-workout.

If you’re using it as food, then just calculate the protein grams and carb grams to decide your P+C meals.

If you’re using them post-workout, then I’d suggest ditching the milk (or maybe just using some for taste) and calculating for 50g Protein and 80g Carbs (it’s just a nice number that seems to work well for me) for every 70 minutes(or portion thereof) that you were exercising.

It depends, these shakes are just food. How many calories or extra grams of protein do you need per day? Drink enough of them to meet those gal numbers. And keep a food log. See the “missing ingredient” article at T-mag.