How much casein is contained in whey ? how does the chocalate one taste like; i just tried the vanilla it tastes great, wondering if the chocalate one taste any better…

Casein and whey are two seperate dairy biproducts. Casein isn’t found in whey and whey isn’t found in casein.

Jason, Grow contains a mixture of casein and whey. So you get the best of both worlds. Mix it with milk and you get even more!

As for the taste, I think the vanilla has a very light taste. It’s not bad, but it could use more vanilla flavor! The chocolate reminds me of a chocolate malt. It has a light “dutch” chocolate taste.

My girlfriend is my taste tester. She has sampled many of my MRP's and protein powders. And I don't think she's liked any of them! But she did agree that Grow tasted better than the rest. And for some reason, she thinks the chocolate and vanilla Grow have very similar tastes.

I have to agree after trying them both. They do not have very strong flavorings, so it's easy to tell the similiarities.

It’s good! Definitely try it out! I wouldn’t recommend anything else.

Jason, I have to agree with Dogg about vanilla Grow, it
does taste very light and could use more vanilla, but no
complaints here, it’s still better than all I’ve tried. As far as
chocolate Grow, I think it tastes more like a real chocolate
milkshake than vanilla Grow does a vanilla milkshake. If
you’ve ever been to a Wendy’s and had their Frosty shake,
then you’re essentially drinking chocolate Grow. Either way,
they may be the best one/two combo since PB&J.