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Grow with same weights?

Hey ppl,I was just wondering if ppl can grow their muscles using same weight…for example,u do bench presses and u have been using the same weight for some time because u cannot increase the poundage which will force u out of rep range.Will muscles continue growing or are they just gonna be stuck there?
Assuming I cannot increase the strength part just yet,is there anyway to MAKE SURE the muscle grows? Thanks.

p/s:This applies for all exercises,not just BP.

If you are able to keep doing more worrk in the a set time frame, that is more reps, you could grow. ultimately, more weight is necessary though. check out EDT from Charles Staley.

You can answer your own question by looking in the mirror. If you’ve been using the same weight for some time, and haven’t noticed any changes in size, then you know the answer. If you are too comfortable with the weight you’re lifting, then you need to increase it, because your body has adapted. You should increase the weight every so often to continue making gains in size and strength.

Hell yes! Just keep doing more in a given amount of time, or do it for longer. I think it was a guy named Roger Eels (have to double check this) who did squats with no more than bodyweight on the bar & gained lots of weight. People with hard, physical jobs don’t usually add weight to whatever they’re carrying, but they get really strong anyway. It’s becuase they get used to it & then they can do more & more work.