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Grow! With Milk

I just got the stuff I purchased for the first time from T-Nation. It says to use milk when mixing Grow! but I always used milk. When I used milk it was super thick. Is it a bad idea to use milk or should I have just used more milk?

I believe the trick is to keep saying milk. Then it will thin out.

Are you using milk?

Ive always used water dude. I add in peanut butter, some oatmeal and a cookie or two for thickness.

I don’t drink milk.

I used to always use water; 8oz per scoop, and I’d usually drink 12oz (1.5 scoops), but I recently started using milk to get some quick extra calories that I need now that I’ve gained weight.

I use 16oz of milk per 1.5 scoops because it gets so thick. Grow! with water has about the same consistancy of milk so I don’t see any need to use milk instead of water, other than for the extra calories.

milk milk milk…milk milk…milk?


ain’t no laws against using both milk and water either. after all milk is mostly water.

Milk water which ever thick Use more not thick use less. Its personal choice

I use water and make it thick but like it that way.