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Grow! Whey


Ok, what's the deal w/ Biotest's Grow whey again? Have they discontinued the "natural" flavor? I can't stand the others. Help! Can anyone suggest a good alternative?


I stopped using straight Whey powder years ago. After reading several studies saying that whey+casein (even post workout) was preferable from a muscle growth standpoint, I switched, and certainly continued to make quality gains thereafter using Metabolic Drive as my only traditional protein powder -not counting my Anaconda/Mag-10 mix during training.



I just emailed them about this a week or two ago. Here's the official response via email.

"Grow! Whey Protein has been discontinued in the Natural flavor. We encourage you to try Chocolate or Vanilla, which are significantly more popular."

Bummed me out.


i have found most chocolate protein powders to be more than tolerable enough with water alone. grow is one of two that i have tried that is actually enjoyable to drink when mixed with water.


you mind going into the whey/casein combo is better? i always figured whey would be fine as long as you had a meal within a reasonable timeframe afterwards...



What does your PWO protocol look like? Are you taking Metabolic Drive directly after?

I've also read that the whey+ casein mix is superior for muscle growth and recovery than the plain 'ole whey. I buy whey in bulk and have a scoop PWO. Do you think it would be more beneficial for me to buy a straight casein powder also and mix in with they whey? And if so, in what proportion (50/50), (75/25)?



Yeah, I adhered to the 'only whey PWO' mantra for a long time too. Then I noticed several write ups about different studies concluding that a combination of proteins, fast and slow (something which I previously would use at any time of day other than immediately post workout), actually led to greater muscle growth in the long run. I imagine it more of a combination of factors. Sure, Whey is more anabolic, but casein is more anti-catabolic. Apparantly the chances of the casein slowing the digestion of the whey has very little impact on the overall desired outcome.

While I adamantly focus more on the Hydrolysate forms for ingestion peri-workout, I no longer worry about having a jug o' whey and a seperate jug o' casein/whey (Metabolic Drive) both pearched atop my fridge.



Thanks everyone. I'm bummed too about the Natural being discontinued. So hard to find a good product w/ minimal ingredients and relatively clean. Wish me luck!