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Grow! Whey vs Surge Recovery


So I'm placing another order soon and I need some peri-workout advice.
PS I'm low on cash... highschool student.

Current Peri-workout Plan-
Before: Piece of fruit/bread, 15g Grow
During: Gatorade
Post: 20g Grow! Whey + 2 Poptarts

Grow! Whey is cheaper and has 30 servings, but I also gotta spend money on gatorade and poptarts so...maybe Surge Recovery will replace those instead? And protein? But since its only 16 servings, should I strictly make it a post-workout shake? Even though a lot of people recommend it pre/during, which would mean I'd have to take another shake after. I'm trying to get the best bang for my buck is all

I know for sure I'm going to get some Metabolic Drive Low-Carb.

Thanks all have a happy new year


Here's what you should worry about then.

1) Get a thorough, all-arouhnd nutrition education. (You don't have one, as indicated by your post here.) If you did, you'd actually know what to do in your poor student position and physique and strength status.

2) After doing number 1, worry about how you're gonna do all this and...

gain 20 to 30 lbs of LBM
a 1.5 x BW bench press
a 2-2.5 BW squat and deadlift...

... with minimal supplements considerign you don't have money and that soem of the biggest men currently and throughout history did this without or with little supplementation.


Oh, Happy New Year too.


Where the budget is tight for both supplements and food, a quality but basic protein product would best fit the bill.

Gatorade is not cost-efficient for results.

Glucose is not expensive and you can mix it yourself. Sipping or otherwise consuming say 50 grams during a workout, combined with at least a liter of water, can indeed be helpful and it is cheap.

Some brands of pizza make for fine post-workout meals at low cost. Hungry Howie's does vary between different stores, but the better examples of it have a good balance of protein to carbs to fat.


I'd personally just go for the eat a fuck load of everything, worry about peri


but I also gotta spend money on gatorade and poptarts so...

Why? Do the simple and inexpensive route and get some whey isolate and grape juice. Have it before and after. Other than that eat a buncha food.


gotta love them pop tarts man!