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Grow! Whey Opinions


How does it taste? Good results? I need some new protein and it is pretty much top of my list.


It tasted better when it was available in the five pound tubs :slight_smile:



Agreed. Now it's just way overpriced.


Definitely overpriced now. I like the Natural flavor in the 5-pound tubs. It's better than ON, though. I buy it for making protein pudding just because it's cheaper than Metabolic Drive.


Well as far as the flavor goes I swear they changed something in it (in a good way).
I remember when the new tubs came out I got the vanilla a few times, then bought some bulk protein from Sam's club for a few months. I recently switched back to Grow! and when I made my first shake I had to check the label to make sure I wasn't using Metabolic Drive!

I miss the 5lb. tub but the new price isn't terrible. It's still a better deal for 2lbs than anything you can buy around here (except for crappy bulk stuff).


Thanks for the feedback. I've been using AST VP2 for a while and wanted to try something different. $24/2 lbs. seems like a decent deal I haven't seen anything cheaper.


wow this sure got shuttled to the bottom of the stack (posted yesterday but on page 3.)

Is Grow a concentrate or isolate?


According to the label it's concentrate.