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Grow! Whey Flavors

Do they Grow! Whey flavors taste similar to the Metabolic Drive (in terms of chocolate, and banana)?

Also, any chance Biotest will sell liquid flavoring with the unflavored Grow! Whey?

Grow! Whey flavors are more subtle than their Metabolic Drive counterparts.

There isn’t an unflavored Grow! Whey, however. I believe that you’re referring to Grow! Whey Natural flavor, which as its name implies is flavored.

There’s always a chance that things could change, but I’m not aware of any plans to change the flavor system for Grow! Whey.

I’ve only ever used the vanilla flavor of each but Metabolic Drive tastes something like 10(^10) times better than Grow! Whey… and that’s saying a lot because Grow! Whey makes other proteins taste like chalk by comparison.