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Grow! Whey - 5 LBS?

I was looking at the supplement facts for the Grow! Premium Quality Whey, and I don’t see how it comes out to 5 lbs.

serving size = 1 scoop
1 scoop = 28.5 g
1 container = 46 servings

Crunch the numbers and you get about 2.9 lbs.

Where do the other 2.1 lbs come from? Am I missing something here, or is there a mistake on the supplement facts?

Have no idea got to be a missprint you got me intrigued so just put a full unopened one on my digital kitchen scale that goes to 5lb and it over maxed it


mine always says 71-73 servings, must just be a misprint. Or somebody has been stealing your whey -.-

Hey, that’s cool! I started to wonder why my first tub of Grow! Whey was not finished yet.

I just weighed one of my tubs and it is 2.55 kg, that is around 5.6 lbs. The tub itself will not weigh much more than 0.6 lbs. So it really seems that there are 5 lbs (2’267 g) in the tub.

2’267g/30g ~ 75 servings (Serving mass on the label of my tub is 30g)

The Supplement Facts in the online store as well the label on my tub says 46 servings. Well, actually it says ~46 servings. I mean there may be a range but I guess not from 46 to 75.

Maybe someone from Biotest could clarify?