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Grow! w/o a Blender


Is a blender/shaker necessary for Grow! powder? Does cooking it or just stirring it in something (like yogurt or oats) affect its nutrients??


No blender necessary. If you want to add it to something, do so after you've already cooked it.


What he said. lol.

All you need is a nice pretty spoon to mix Grow! Atually it doesn't even need to be nice or pretty.


Really? it always gets a little chunky on me. kinda lumps up. dont get me wrong its great stuff, i just get better consistency when i use a blender.


I just use a 1 qt. shaker (think Tupperware type) and it works great. Just shake for a couple of minutes. I only use a blender if I am mixing Peanut Butter etc. with it.


Grow! is one of the few (maybe 2) protein powders that I've actually gotten to mix 100% completely with just a spoon.


I've never been able to get all the lumps out w/o a shaker, I must not be strong enough...


I've noticed that when putting the powder in before putting in the liquid it is harder to mix. Just add the Grow! to whatever liquid you use and it should mix very well.


Here's a tip for mixing Grow! w/o a blender -- start by stirring Grow! with as little water as possible to make a paste or pudding-like mixture. Then add as much water as required to give the desired consistency. You'll get a perfectly blended protein drink without a blender or shaker.


Get a shaker bottle. It mixes easily and smoothly in a shaker in just a few shakes. Like someone pointed out earlier, it is one of the only proteins that mix this easily.


Thanks a ton guys!