Grow vs. Isopure

Hey guys, I wanted to know what you guys think about Isopure compared to Bio-test’s Low-Carb Grow! I’m a fellow T-man and I support all of Bio-test’s products but Grow! is damn expensive and I’m looking for maybe a cheaper protein that could be just as good. Thanks in advanced.

Met-rx whey protein powder is pretty good and cheap if you buy at GNC on Super Tuesday. Not as good in taste as Grow though

Isopure has soy in it. There are many bad articles about soy on this site. Read them if you want to see the negatives of soy.

Isopure low carb and no carb protein powders do not have soy in them. I just read the ingredients of the ones I have in my pantry. I like isopure because it mixes very easy. I used to only use advanced protein, but to be honest I got tired of the taste and wanted a change.

Ironbabe is right there is no soy in the powder. Isopure is very good quality. It is the only whey powder my stomach can tolerate. I’ve tried every quality brand named whey powder out there and they all give me the runs or gas. Even the isopure bothers me on occasion but not as much as the others. By the way can anyone tell me why I have this intolerance. It gets frustrating not to be able to have the quality or convenience of these powders.

isopure is whey protein isolate. grow is a mixture of proteins. try looking at for their nytrowhey protein if you just want a cheap good tasting whey protein isolate. as far as grow goes you could get it for cheap at or BY THE WAY ALL THESE SITES CARRY BIOTEST PRODUCTS, laters pk

Sorry, I was thinking of Isomatrix.My bad.