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Grow! Versus MAXpro


Hello everyone,

Got a question for you. I've just run out of the protein I've been using (MAXpro)and am going to try Grow! as a change a pace. What can I expect?

Thanks to everyone now..


You can expect the best tasting protein shake ever made. Period.


I guess there's two answers:

  1. you can expect nothing. protein (for the most part) is protein.

  2. you can expect (what most people on these boards have found to be) the best tasting, easiest mixing, and highest quality protein on the market.

you'll enjoy your shakes more, but you're not going to get some whole new physical result from switching protein.


Very good decision to finish your old protein first.

I recently tried classic Grow! for the first time and I love it! I can't stop eating it.

Unfortunately, I 've still got a couple of kilos of my old stuff (Perfect Protein)

I used to think it tasted good but now that I've had Grow!, I can't imagine going back to it.