Grow!: Vanilla vs. Chocolate

For those who have tried both flavors of Low-Carb GROW!, which one tastes better? I’m about to order a few containers of Grow!, but I wasn’t sure which to buy.

I always get both. In my opinion, vanilla is better for mixing with fruit, PB, cottage cheese, etc. Chocolate tastes better if you’re simply going to mix with water.


I buy one of each as well. Chocolate goes in my peanut butter shakes or alone in skim milk, and vanilla mixes great with fruit. Both taste great by themselves, but why limit yourself to just one flavor?

OK, well first, i’m a chocolate person in general. But I finally tried vanilla Grow! for the first time and its so awesome. It does taste like vanilla frosting though, so if you dont like frosting you probably wont like it.

I like vanilla better in my oatmeal now, and chocolate as a shake. I had my sister try Grow! afew times, and while she likes it alright, the vanilla Grow! mixed in oatmeal makes her go nuts. Even the smell has her running downstairs begging for a bite, and she’s a 15 year old sugar freak.

i wasn’t sure if i wanted to buy one of each, but now i guess i’ll give vanilla a try

the only problem now is getting a credit card. i contacted biotest asking if they accepted any forms of payment but they said they don’t :frowning:

and i know my parents won’t let me spend $170 on nutritional stuff w/ their credit card

[quote]jo3 wrote:
i know my parents won’t let me spend $170 on nutritional stuff w/ their credit card[/quote]

Why not use your supplement budget to open a bank account? Most of them give you a “check card” that can be used just like a credit card. Just keep a few bucks in it, and when you want to buy stuff, go put more in.

I’m not sure if there’s some sort of age limit for check cards, though. You could certainly call a local bank and ask about it.

$170??? We’re talking about a $23.00 tub of protein powder. Not sure what else you’re planning on buying, but it sounds like you’re young enough that you really don’t need to worry about things like Alpha Male and androgens. You probably have an excess of free testosterone flowing through your veins already. If I were you, I’d focus my efforts (and budget) on high quality nutrition. Leave the other supps for later in life when your body needs the extra assistance, and you’re financially independent of your parents.