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Grow Up Country Music


I could care less about the Dixie Chicks.... but I think it is funny how country music stations are refusing to play their new album because of DC's anti Bush remarks. Country music and country music fans have always taken pride in their patriotism and love for the USA. Yet, when someone expresses an oppossing opinion (a basic patriotic right), especially a liberal opinion, country music will send you into exile and ban your music. That doesn't sound very patriotic to me. I do wish country music would evolve.


I believe their position is; people have the right to say whatever they please. But we have the right not to buy their product & support them financially. How is that unpatriotic?


Funny you should mention the Dixie Chicks because I happened to catch them on Letterman last night. They definitely sounded good and certainly more grounded in folk rather than country.

But yea, that's pretty moronic nixing their music from the country stations because of their political stance. That's corporate radio for you though and the suits in charge know that the average listener to the country channels don't align themselves with the stance of the Dixie Chicks.

On a side note, if I was a real country musician, I can't say that I'd want my music on the same channel as most of the shit they play. It's anything but country.


Well said.

Mainstream country is turning into professional wrestling....jingoistic, melodramatic, self-righteous and full of cliches.

Fortunately my local Public Radio station plays really good Alt-Country, Bluegrass and Newgrass.


[quote]Dirty Tiger wrote:

Yeah, and don't get me wrong, there is some really good alt. country and bluegrass. And your right, real country isn't actually played on these bullshit radio stations. It's extremely manufactured..and if anyone strays from their overly conservative country rules and requirements...they get ousted.


When the left shouts down right wing speakers at college campuses across the country they are just using their freedom of speech and nobody seems to care.

Because some radio stations refuse to play the Dixie Chicks this is somehow unpatriotic?

Radio stations are under no obligation to play anything.

If the listeners say they don't want to hear the Dixie Chicks the stations won't play them. Big deal.


It would be doing a great service to the Dixie Chicks if they weren't a part of the shit that is modern country music. They actually seem to have some talent.




Hell is a place where they play Country music non-stop.

Mainstream country is turning into professional wrestling....jingoistic, melodramatic, self-righteous and full of cliches.

Fortunately my local Public Radio station plays really good Alt-Country, Bluegrass and Newgrass.[/quote]

I totally agree, I actually like some of the older country music. This new stuff is absolute shit. Especially Gretchen Wilson.



I basically agree with you.

I just wish the (over)reaction wasn't so severe.....It kinda sucks that Mainstream C&W has turned into the Arts & Entertainment wing of the GOP.

Merle Hagard has a new single in wich he advocates pulling out of Iraq, but you wont hear it on your FM Cuntry* Station.

*Not a typo.


Hot Damn!

Thanx for the link, I bookmarked it.


What makes any celebrity....musician,actor/actress or otherwise think that anyone gives a fat flying fartsicle what their opinion is? If you act or sing, stick to that and keep your mouth shut. We are paying(too much) for entertainment,not political opinion.


On a totally unrelated note,

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There also has to be a little "Know your Customers" here. The mainstream country listener is typicaly the Good-ol-boy, flag in the truck window, all American type. It's a little nieve that the Dixie's think that this was going to be well received.

There also has to be something said for "Artistic Licence". I hate the Dixie's songs, but I also hate the stupid "Stars and stripes and the eagle flys" type crap as well. The difference between modern "Protest" songs and the songs of the 70's (Dylan and Hendrix) is that the song writers of the 70's could create a song that was a kick ass song. Even if you didn't totaly agree with the message the song was so good and the meaning wasn't a bat upside your head that you could still enjoy the song. A better "Modern" example of this is NIN's "Hand that Feeds". This is an anti-war song, but it still kicks ass.



I would also throw in Right in Two by Tool from their new CD as a good example of an anti-war song that I can listen to and enjoy (it's attacking all wars and violence in general but you get the idea).


Country-Rock is the way to go. Steel guitar etc. LOVE IT!


No history lessons here, people can look this up on their own, but this must be said.

While their hearts are in the right place, the people bashing the Dixie Chicks just don't get it. Our fore fathers are rolling over in there graves, this is not what they intended for this country. Just take a high school history class and you'll see this is not what they established. No one stops to think that maybe the true patriots are the ones with the "opposing" viewpoints and they just want this to be the great and free country it used to be.