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Grow!...the gateway drug, confessions of a t-mag junkie

Hello, I have been addicted to t-mag for a little over 2 years now. Sure, I admit I’ve been lifting for years on my own, but nothing too serious in hindsight. I guess it all started when I wanted to learn about getting fit and eating right. One day while board at work I went to the mensheath website (I’ll pause for the snickering to subside), after some reading of their fitness board I kept seeing references to some site called t-mag.com.

A quick search engine run was all it took to find t-mag, anyone with a computer can access it. Hell there is even a print magazine sold in bookstores! Anyway, I checked out the forum…and clicked the hell out of here as fast as my mouse could take me. There was talk about steer-roids and all sorts of weird stuff. But like a rubbernecker looking at a car wreck, I kept coming back and reading more. Soon I forgot about the other websites and was reading t-mag daily.

Supplements? Sure I messed around with creatine in college, it was an experimental time and a lot of my friends were doing it. I suppose I didn’t get into Grow! until I was nearly 24. Kinda late I know, first low carb vanilla, then later chocolate. Eventually they brought back classic grow, but by that time it was too late. There was no turning back. I had Berardi articles bookmarked and I was learning training programs like I was Neo in the Matrix.

Since those days I’ve tried zma, and methoxy-7. Then there was the experiments with 4-ad-ec. I finally hit rock bottom last night and placed my first order for Mag-10…

…and I can hardly frigging wait!

Thanks t-mag, in the two years of reading this magazine I have gained some serious lbm, learned a hell of a lot about nutrition, received some good advice on the forum and in general I have just enjoyed turning my body into a finely tuned machine.